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Interview Author Gitanjali Pahwa

A fantasy fiction story ‘To Earth With Love’ is a book by Gitanjali Pahwa that looks at the practical application of spirituality in the field of design. This is her first book and admits that it is certainly not her last. It was her compelling desire to bring together the fields of spirituality and design… Read More Interview Author Gitanjali Pahwa

The New Indian Express

Raghavendra Rathore Summer 2021

A new season is all the reason all men need to upgrade your wardrobe and who better than Bespoke Brand Raghavendra Rathore Jodhpur. The onset of summer has all of us looking at clothes that are both comfortable and classic. Bespoke Brand Raghavendra Rathore Jodhpur’s new Summer Collection is all this and more. The new… Read More Raghavendra Rathore Summer 2021

Seema Magazine

Kodiyala Weaves Revival

The Kodiyala weaves that once enjoyed royal patronage are seeing a revival courtesy the efforts of a project called Hosa Arambha. It was a newspaper clip many years ago that had me drive into narrow dusty roads off the Bangalore-Mysore highway to look for a village called Kodiyala. My interest was piqued as this was… Read More Kodiyala Weaves Revival

Seema Magazine

Temple Food of India

Temple Foods are finding place in not just homes but also restaurants as foodies and gourmands rediscover its myriad charms. Food served as prasad in temples may seem commonplace in India, however, dig a little deeper and it opens a whole new spectrum of cuisine that is as mind boggling as it is diverse. Of… Read More Temple Food of India

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Body Weight Training

Using your body’s weight can help you workout. With gyms and fitness still becoming harder to access in the pandemic, this can be the saviour. The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has changed life as we all knew it forever. So much that simple every day aspects like going to the gym has become something of a… Read More Body Weight Training

Honey Colony

Flexitarian Diet

A flexitarian diet is about eating a balanced meal with ingredients that are sourced locally and grown naturally. When following this diet include multi-colored fruits and vegetables to ensure all different phytonutrients required to maintain proper health are received. This diet is suitable for meat eaters as the idea is to get started on this… Read More Flexitarian Diet

The New Indian Express

Gulur and Kaidala Travelogue

Gulur and Kaidala in Karnataka are lesser known in the tourist circuit which makes a visit here a charming discovery. Driving through Karnataka’s countryside is a joy because you can experience the beauty of nature in its pristine form. The 75 kilometer stretch from Bengaluru to Gulur is a breeze not just courtesy the excellent… Read More Gulur and Kaidala Travelogue

The Tribune

Interview with Chef Manish Mehrotra

Chef Manish Mehrotra from Indian Accent, India’s Best Restaurant and arguably one of the most talented in the business reflects on the year that was. In March 2020, Chef Manish Mehrotra from the multi award winning restaurant Indian Accent had just returned from a food trip with his daughter in Mumbai. He was all set… Read More Interview with Chef Manish Mehrotra

Passion Passport

Ahmedabad Heritage Walk

An early morning heritage walk is the best way to unravel the history of UNESCO’s first World Heritage City Ahmedabad. “One of the best things to do in Ahmedabad is to go on a heritage walk.” These words by my host Bijoy Sengupta, General Manager, Grand Mercure Gandhinagar GIFT City sounded like music to my… Read More Ahmedabad Heritage Walk


Amritha Gaddam – The Tribe Concepts

The Tribe Concepts founded by Amritha Gaddam combines her father’s Ayurvedic expertise and her mother’s homemade recipes. The Tribe Concepts’ is an organic hair care and skin care brand that she started with Apuroopa Gaddam, Kamalanjali, Nitya Mohan and Vamshi Krishna (all of whom are her friends and family). The current product portfolio has a… Read More Amritha Gaddam – The Tribe Concepts