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Movement Training

A fitness regimen that includes elements of dance, soft acrobatics and martial arts, Movement Training is becoming popular especially today. What makes movement training unique is the fact that this kind of training works several muscle groups at once. Movement training resembles real-life situations rather than the movements that you perform in a gym. Movement… Read More Movement Training

Khaleej Times

Zurich Old Town

While one may associate Zurich with everything a modern, big city should be, it has an interesting medieval past that is as intriguing as it is fascinating. Interestingly, the roots of present-day Zurich go back to 80 BC and the Roman influence gradually increased from 40 BC when Roman soldiers settled here. With a history… Read More Zurich Old Town

India Currents

Mask with a Cause

The Mask India Project is an initiative that is using masks to give back to the community and contribute towards COVID-19 relief. Even as India is seeing a deadly second wave that has shaken the entire country, there has been a silver lining in terms of a surge of humanity that is lending a helping… Read More Mask with a Cause

Deccan Chronicle

The Spouse Friend Triangle

When your best friend and spouse cheat on you, there can be a greater emotional issue than otherwise. Relationships are complex and when a friend comes in between spouses, the complication can be harder to untangle. The attached emotional betrayal comes along too. In this story I spoke to many people and was surprised that… Read More The Spouse Friend Triangle

The New Indian Express

Art Inspired by COVID-19

CONTAGION an online exhibition by Bengaluru’s Science Gallery showcases 16 interactive exhibits and over 40 live programmes. Room 911 of Hong Kong’s Metropole Hotel came to the spotlight during the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) outbreak in 2003. This room was where a doctor from Guangdong, China with respiratory problems checked into in February 2003… Read More Art Inspired by COVID-19

The New Indian Express

Prachi Hota – Dance at a Click

Odissi danseuse Prachi Hota has over two decades of training that she is using not just to stay fit but also teach the art form online. About 15 months ago, an online dance recital was quite unthinkable. Today however, it has become the norm. The pandemic has not just moved most dance festivals online but… Read More Prachi Hota – Dance at a Click


Wildermart all things organic

Wildermart, is an organic store and a new startup giving a push to clean living by providing a platform for green products. What makes the platform different is that any product must be 100% vegan to be listed. For organic staples, vegetables and fruits, the platform has only certified organic farmers whose organic certification is… Read More Wildermart all things organic

Hotelier India

Hotels as Quarantine Centers

The second wave of the coronavirus has seen the hospitality industry do its bit by collaborating with hospitals and turning into quarantine and self-isolation centers. When COVID-19 hit last year, one of the most impacted industries was hospitality. While the industry had just started taking small steps to recover, the second wave has once again… Read More Hotels as Quarantine Centers

Deccan Chronicle

International Falafel Day

International Falafel Day celebrated on June 12th every year is only an excuse to indulge in this much-loved dish. Falafel is popular street food in the middle east and is also eaten during Ramdaan as Iftar. This dish is famous with vegans and vegetarians as it is extremely rich in protein, made with boiled chickpea,… Read More International Falafel Day

Seema Magazine

Dubai Coffee Museum

The aroma of coffee is like no other and it was this wafting scent that attracted me to Dubai’s coffee museum. Located in a modest looking building, the museum is small and yet manages to encapsulate the journey of the coffee beans quite succinctly. The history of coffee is as fascinating as the drink itself… Read More Dubai Coffee Museum