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Oriental Home Decor

Homes are an extension of who you are and just like you change with time it is a great idea to work on enhancing your home decor too. An interesting way to do this is to do up homes with an Oriental theme. If you are wondering how, read on. Asian Influences Asian-style interiors instantly… Read More Oriental Home Decor


Modest Wear Clothing Market

Modest wear essentially means loose clothing, comfortable dressing and simultaneously looking elegant. Modest wear has emerged as a buzz since consumers have sought clothing that not only covers the body but is also stylish. Sometimes, it is believed that it is hard to dress conservatively being a fashion lover but brands are coming up with… Read More Modest Wear Clothing Market


Sports Wear Clothing

Being A Good Sport The explosion of sports in the country can be attributed to increased accessibility for both children and adults. A number of sports academies have come up across the country and people today train both professionally and personally and sports is recognized as a good form of exercise. As a corollary to… Read More Sports Wear Clothing


Bespoke Mens Wear

A report titled ‘Menswear in India’ by says, “menswear continued to outperform womenswear in 2016, registering retail current value growth of 13% compared to 11% for the latter. The penetration of organized and branded menswear is greater in India than for womenswear, which is largely unorganized due to the strong prevalence of traditional and… Read More Bespoke Mens Wear

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Diamond Jewellery Trends

Artemis By Bibhu Mohapatra for Forevermark There has been a very exciting shift in how people are choosing jewellery now. The trend has moved towards custom, unique pieces of fine jewellery that are both collectible and personal. “Diamonds in particular have become extremely fun, playful and versatile. People are wearing the most stunning pieces any… Read More Diamond Jewellery Trends

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Monsoon Eating Mantras

With the heat finally relenting after an arduous summer, you may be heaving a sigh of relief quite predictable; but the new season brings with it new challenges, especially with food. Monsoons can be a nightmare when it comes to eating healthy and staying fit. So what do you eat and what do you not?… Read More Monsoon Eating Mantras


Review of Seventh Heaven Spa at Clarks Exotica

Located close to the international airport on the outskirts of Bengaluru is the Clarks Exotica Convention, Resort and Spa. An oasis away from the hustle and bustle if the city this is set amidst 70 acres of greenery. In the midst of this is the Seventh Heaven Spa. Based on the concept of serenity and… Read More Review of Seventh Heaven Spa at Clarks Exotica


Review of O2 Salon, Bangalore

With no sign of any let up in the sweltering heat, I was looking forward to a visit to the O2 Salon in Indiranagar and being located in a by lane the environs of this place have an instant calming effect on your senses. O2 is a unisex space that offers spa and salon services… Read More Review of O2 Salon, Bangalore


Spa Architecture

What is the first thing you notice when you enter a spa or a salon? Well it is the decor and the interiors that make the first connect. Being spaces that you go to relax and pamper yourself, tastefully designed interiors can be an immediate turn on in a spa or a salon. Naturally well… Read More Spa Architecture


Review of Shine Spa at Sheraton, Bangalore

Having a spa experience is a great way to relax and is a great respite from urban stress. And when this is in a beautiful setting, it adds more value to your spa experience. And this is exactly what I found at the Shine Spa in Sheraton Grand Bangalore. Shine Spa located on level four… Read More Review of Shine Spa at Sheraton, Bangalore