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Festive Makeover for your home

Come October and you know it is the start of a brand new festive season. And being the season of makeovers, your home is a space that must not be forgotten. Also you can just make additions and think out-of-the-box to add that touch of festive fervour to your home decor. Celebratory Cues The festive… Read More Festive Makeover for your home


Review of Tijouri at Radisson Blu Atria Bengaluru

Where: Radisson Blu Atria Bengaluru, Lobby Level, No. 1, Palace Road, Bangalore. Phone: 080-46334455 Ambience: The 72 cover restaurant has two sections. One which has an artificial garden ‘feel’ with wick chairs and bamboos and an indoor section that has subtle accessories and large paintings on the wall. A glass wall frames the open kitchen… Read More Review of Tijouri at Radisson Blu Atria Bengaluru


Review of Veeba’s Spreads and Dips

Do you like cheese? Well if you don’t you are sure to have someone at home who does. The fact is that cheese has become such an intrinsic part of daily urban life that cheese becomes a saviour when you need to dish up something quickly. And if you have cheese in a dip or… Read More Review of Veeba’s Spreads and Dips

Sunday Herald

Natural Dye Artist – Ruby Jagrut

Did you know that UNESCO has announced ‘Natural Dyes’ as one of the intangible heritage properties in the cultural ecosystem? Well neither did I to be honest till I spoke to Ruby Jagrut. She is one of rare few natural dye artists with close to two decades of experience in painting with only natural dyes… Read More Natural Dye Artist – Ruby Jagrut

Homes & Interiors

Storage Ideas For Your Home

Your home is the place where you keep everything important that matters to you. Naturally it is important that each item has a designated place so that you can organise what matters right. This is where storage solutions can help by being both effective and efficient. Store right Increasing urbanization has led to serious space… Read More Storage Ideas For Your Home


Top 9 things to do in Verona

There is something in the air of Verona that is hard to miss. Perhaps this is why Shakespeare set not one but three of his plays here – Romeo & Juliet, the Two Gentlemen of Verona and The Taming of the Shrew! As I enter this quaint city, I am enamoured by the sheer beauty… Read More Top 9 things to do in Verona


Indoor Air Quality – why it is important

Six years ago, I made a trip to Avaragere village near Bidadi, in Karnataka and that is when I wrote my first article on Indoor Air Quality. I went on an invitation of the Shell Foundation, the UK-based charity established by the oil major Royal Dutch Shell to see the impact that their stoves were having… Read More Indoor Air Quality – why it is important

Rail Bandhu

Hampi – Where Stones Speak!

Hampi is a town like no other city. Well, which other place has the kind of heritage that dates back to the times of the Hoysalas and in spite of largely being in ruins manages to attract attention every time? This is probably why Hampi is recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the… Read More Hampi – Where Stones Speak!


Fabrics Go Smart

For the first time, UNSW biomedical engineers have woven a ‘smart’ fabric that mimics the sophisticated and complex properties of one of nature’s ingenious materials, the bone tissue periosteum. Having achieved proof of concept, the researchers are now ready to produce fabric prototypes for a range of advanced functional materials that could transform the medical,… Read More Fabrics Go Smart


Tech Push for Fabrics

Textile companies are upping the ante as far as using technology is concerned. One such innovative organization is Textronics Design Systems, established in 1990 provides intelligent CAD and WEB solutions, to help Textile and Fashion companies increase their global competitiveness, by facilitating Innovative Design & 3D visualization tools optimizing Sales, Design Communication and enabling E-commerce.… Read More Tech Push for Fabrics