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48 Hours In Muscat

The cultural hotspot of the region, Muscat is a potpourri of tradition, heritage and modernity that is woven together seamlessly to give the visitor an experience that is unparallel. It was my first visit to Muscat and Oman and I went with an open mind. I suggest you too as this city will surprise you with… Read More 48 Hours In Muscat

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Vaani – Lending A Ear

In November 2002 a feasibility study was carried out on issues surrounding childhood deafness in India. Based on the findings of the feasibility study, the fact-finding visits and workshops, the vision which emerged was for family members to acquire some basic knowledge and understanding about deafness, teachers to have specialist knowledge and abilities that would… Read More Vaani – Lending A Ear

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New Age Education Trends

When my niece told me she was interested to do a course in Liberal Arts for her graduation, I actually looked up the course to understand it better. Soon I found that apart from this there are a whole lot of new age courses like Spa Management, Rural Studies, Cyber security, Puppetry, Tea/coffee tasting, Public… Read More New Age Education Trends

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Club Mahindra Kandaghat Resort Review

A holiday in the hills is a perfect antidote to relax and take a break from urban stress. Well, after all the air in the hills is so pure that it has an immediate effect of enhancing your spirt almost immediately. And what better way than to head to Club Mahindra Kandaghat Resort that allows… Read More Club Mahindra Kandaghat Resort Review

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Coffee Trail with JW Marriott Bengaluru

‘JW Marriott Bengaluru invites you on a Coffee Trail with Chef Anthony En Yuan Huang’ read the invite I received recently. Being a coffee lover, I was quite intrigued as to what would be in store and I decided to jump right in. Incidentally Chef Anthony is known for his fine sense of balancing traditional… Read More Coffee Trail with JW Marriott Bengaluru

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Home decor trends that ruled 2017

As curtains fall on 2017, it is time to look back at the interior trends that the year. From geometric prints, to jewel tones to going artisanal, the year had so many trends that it inspiration was everywhere. Here are some trends that made waves this year. Going Artisanal The craftsmanship and materials with a… Read More Home decor trends that ruled 2017

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All About Vanilla

Did you know that vanilla is the second most expensive spice after saffron? Well chances are probably not and the reason why vanilla is so expensive is that it takes years to become usable. The best place to learn about Bourbon vanilla is at the La Vanilleraie, a traditional workshop located in Sainte Suzanne in… Read More All About Vanilla


Salons Prepping for the Party Season

Come December and it’s the time to dress up, give yourself a makeover and well, party. Naturally grooming is an important part of the action and spas and salons are all geared up to end the year on a high note. Making it Count The end of the year brings with it various festivals, occasions… Read More Salons Prepping for the Party Season


Peruvian Fabrics

Peru is in the news for something quite different now and this is related to apparel. Well, the country is now a popular sourcing option for brands looking for quality garments at great prices. In fact international brands with the most renowned and prestigious labels are increasingly associating with developing their collections with domestic manufacturers… Read More Peruvian Fabrics


All About Linen

Smitten By Linen In what can be a landmark innovation for the apparel industry, scientists at Indira Gandhi Krishi Vishvavidyalaya (IGKV) Raipur have developed the yarn of linen cloth from the stem of linseed or flax plant. So far, Indian linen fabric manufacturers had to import yarn as it was not available in India and… Read More All About Linen