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Kélonia sea turtle observatory in Reunion Islands

Did you know that at one point in time turtles were hunted for their meat? Well, that was in the past but the dwindling population of turtles and its detrimental effect on the environment luckily meant a ban on the practice. So when I had a chance to visit Kélonia a sea turtle observatory in… Read More Kélonia sea turtle observatory in Reunion Islands

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Varanasi – A Travelogue

“Varanasi” is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend, and looks twice as old as all of them put together” ~ Mark Twain Varanasi also called Beneras and Kashi (the city of lights) has a spiritual history connected with Hinduism that dates back over 3000 years and is rightly referred to one… Read More Varanasi – A Travelogue


The Slow Life

Anu, a 35 year old HR professional and mother of two is the perfect mother. She runs a home, manages a career and is basically a super woman who can do everything. But wait. Why is her blood pressure alarming high? Well the metro superwoman syndrome of wanting to be a perfect mother, wife and… Read More The Slow Life

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Pullman New Delhi Aerocity

Plush Getaway Located away from the urban chaos of Delhi, is the Aerocity home to a clutch of hotels, restaurants, office spaces and malls too. So you are never really far away and still can experience a sense of calmness and quiet. And yes, it is right next to the airport and this was one… Read More Pullman New Delhi Aerocity

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Jaisalmer and Jodhpur – discovering Rajasthan

Blue City – Jodhpur A friend once told me “if you want to see the real Rajasthan, you must visit Jodhpur.” These words somehow stayed with me always and on a recent trip to Jodhpur, the second largest city of Rajasthan, I knew exactly what my friend had indicated. True to its moniker, everything in… Read More Jaisalmer and Jodhpur – discovering Rajasthan

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Vaibhav Arekar and Sushant Jadhav – The Dancing Duo

Love – a four lettered word that has so many meanings and interpretations that it can be mind boggling. And when expressed through a dance musical, it can take things to a new dimension all together. Urvashi, a dance drama is a unique interpretation and celebration of Love and Womanhood through the eyes of Vaibhav… Read More Vaibhav Arekar and Sushant Jadhav – The Dancing Duo


Make a new beginning this New Year

Starting a new routine is never easy. Here are some concrete steps that can help you make a healthy shift this coming year. Following a healthy routine is easier said than done. We have often heard that you need to go to bed early, or limit your alcohol intake. And though at the start of… Read More Make a new beginning this New Year


Sensory Deprivation

‘Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax’ ~ Mark Black In today’s urban chaos that most of us live in, relaxation is a luxury and these words of Mark Black could hardly ring truer. Naturally there are myriad relaxation techniques that are available today. However when I heard about ‘Sensory Deprivation’ my… Read More Sensory Deprivation


Box Your Way to Fitness

It’s a brand new year and also the time when you are looking for new ways to stay fit. Well after all, we all need some motivation to keep the zing alive in our fitness regimen. So this year, why not look at boxing as a way to stay fit? Yes, boxing is ruling the… Read More Box Your Way to Fitness


Israel Travel Guide to the South

Israel – a country whose name evokes emotions galore and innumerable reactions, is still a wonderful revelation when you visit it. Well this is the birth of Jesus Christ and Christianity, is home to Jews and also has an important connection with the Prophet of Mohammed. And no, it is not all about spirituality –… Read More Israel Travel Guide to the South