Rediscovering the ‘Queen of Hills’ Shimla

Driving from Chandigarh to Shimla is a two plus hour journey that is not exactly pleasant courtesy the poor condition of the roads. However once you enter the cool climes of Himachal Pradesh, there is an instant uplifting of your mood. Guess the hills have a charm of their own and to discover it for… Read More Rediscovering the ‘Queen of Hills’ Shimla


Market Table Restaurant Review

Many years back I visited BYLI a new age restaurant in Kalyan Nagar where I met Chef and culinary expert Nirmal Kumar whose food was so wonderful that it always stayed with me. However, many years after I met him again at his new farm-to-fork restaurant aptly called Market Table. And again this time, the… Read More Market Table Restaurant Review


Birds of The Tamara in Coorg

One of my favourite resorts is The Tamara in Kabbinkad estate in Coorg. The main reason why I love this place is that this is where you can come up close with the mighty Western Ghats and its biodiversity. Being an avid birder I have never ceased to admire the wonderful avian species found here.… Read More Birds of The Tamara in Coorg

Hindustan Times

Animal Prints in Home Decor

Animal Instinct Inspired by all things natural, animal prints are making a comeback into home décor and how. Here is a lowdown to infuse life into your interiors. Spotting a tiger in a jungle is always a high. Perhaps it is the allure of the stripes of this magnificent animal that draws you over and… Read More Animal Prints in Home Decor

Spice Route

Turmeric – the Yellow Booster

The myriad benefits of turmeric is taking the world by storm and proving once again that going back to your roots is what matters. Do you know that your kitchen has an ingredient that packs a punch? Well it is anti-aging, anti-oxidant and an anti-inflammatory super spice and has been around for centuries in Ayurvedic… Read More Turmeric – the Yellow Booster


Bengal Gram (Kadle Bele) Chutney Recipe

Bengal gram is known for its nutritive properties and is a staple seasoning and ingredient in traditional households in Bangalore. Among other things, it works well as a chutney with dosas and idli’s. Here is my mom’s recipe – a sure shot winner. Ingredients (serves two) 2-3 tbsp Bengal Gram Half cup of freshly grated coconut A pinch… Read More Bengal Gram (Kadle Bele) Chutney Recipe

Discover India

Superfoods: Packing a Punch

Indian superfoods are making a strong comeback to the kitchen and your plate. And going back to your roots has never been more exciting or tasty. Rediscovering lost grains and reaffirming your faith in traditional food is slowly but surely changing the culinary face of the country. Past Perfect The concept of superfoods is not… Read More Superfoods: Packing a Punch

Digital Studio

Security Solutions in Broadcasting

Safe & Secure With cyber breaches, attacks and theft on the rise, security solutions in the broadcasting world are complex with content being delivered across platforms. Broadcasters and media companies are delivering content across various platforms and are increasingly transitioning towards IP-based delivery services. At the same time, this has made them vulnerable to cyber… Read More Security Solutions in Broadcasting

Hotelier India

Sound Systems in Hotels

Good quality audio systems in hotels whether in open spaces or guest rooms is a sure shot way to augment the overall guest experience. If there is one thing that you immediately notice is sound and especially when you are in a hotel. Soothing music for instance can immediately transport you into another world and… Read More Sound Systems in Hotels

Hotelier India

Bathroom Design in Hotels

Bathroom Design is becoming an increasing focal point in hotels with architects, designers and hoteliers collaborating to create spaces that enhance the overall look and feel of the hotel room. As a space that is truly personal, bathrooms win hands down. Naturally, guests are looking at hotels that combine aesthetics and practicality seamlessly to ensure… Read More Bathroom Design in Hotels