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Review of Grand Hyatt Kochi Bolgatty

Enjoying the virgin vistas of Kerala just got better with the city’s newest plush address Grand Hyatt Kochi Bolgatty, the first Grand Hyatt in South India. Bolgatty Island in Ernakulam district is a small oasis that you can reach crossing over a bridge. Home to India’s only international marina, the island is a great way… Read More Review of Grand Hyatt Kochi Bolgatty

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Doing up your home with Shibori

Textures and prints can have an indelible impact on your home décor and Shibori is a wonderful way to add a touch of class to your home What is it that strikes you about a home at first sight? Well chances are it is the accessories and bright colours that attract you first. So why… Read More Doing up your home with Shibori


Lactose Intolerance Guide

Lactose Intolerance is a symptom where people show allergic reactions to dairy products. However before you press the blame game trigger on dairy, there is much more you need to know. This includes the fact that dairy may not always be the cause of your woes. Chandan Singh, a 35 year old chemical factory owner… Read More Lactose Intolerance Guide

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Adding Yellow To Home Decor

Hello Sunshine While the monsoon clouds may be playing hide and seek, it is time to brighten up your home to beat the blues outside. And how better than with a dash of yellow? Here is your style guide. A change of season is the best excuse to give your home a makeover. And with… Read More Adding Yellow To Home Decor


Debunking Food Myths

While there is more and more talk of food and nutrition, food myths abound. Here is the truth from experts in the field. There is a huge buzz surrounding the word nutrition today. Alongside, theories abound as to what make good food habits and what don’t. In addition, there is research that often contradicts itself, with… Read More Debunking Food Myths


Interview with Celebrity Chef Hari Nayak

The Alchemist Chef, Restaurateur and Author Hari Nayak is known to use local ingredients and dish out some of the most enticingly flavoursome food. He is passionate about Indian cooking and endeavours to see it among the top three regional cuisines in the world.  When I meet Chef Hari Nayak, one thing that strikes me… Read More Interview with Celebrity Chef Hari Nayak

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Pre Monsoon Home Decor

It’s that time of the year when the sun abates making way for the cool monsoons, so is your home ready for the change? Monsoon heralds not just a change in season but a contrast from the bright summer days to gloomy and dark days. However, your home can beat the blues by being monsoon ready… Read More Pre Monsoon Home Decor

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Celebrating the Mother Daughter Bond

If you ask anyone who is the most important person in their lives, it is very likely they will answer that it is their mother. The importance of a mother can hardly be over emphasized as is the relationship between a mother and daughter. While Mother’s Day is just around the corner (May 13), we… Read More Celebrating the Mother Daughter Bond

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Koh Chang – The Island Life

Koh Chang is a stunningly beautiful collection of islands that offers an interesting potpourri of experiences that will make you fall in love with Thailand, again. I took a flight from Bangkok to Trat on Bangkok Airways, and in an hour I landed at the picture perfect airport of Trat that seems like a resort,… Read More Koh Chang – The Island Life