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How to Shop Right?

Do you have the urge to shop? Do you shop so much that you are broke? Well if you answered yes to either read on to know how you can control your craving for shopping. The festive season is upon us and while the fun and frolic continues through the same, you are likely to… Read More How to Shop Right?

Deccan Chronicle

Colours and Textures in Home Decor

Striking a balance between colour and textures is the most efficient way to do up your home. Colours and textures are a vital part of home décor and ensuring that it is used well makes a house, a home. Colour Coordinated Colour balance is one of the most essential element, that is often ignored, while… Read More Colours and Textures in Home Decor


Bean to Coffee Cup session with Lavazza

Over a Cup of Coffee As I make my way up to the corporate headquarters of Lavazza India in Chennai, I am enveloped by the wafting aroma of coffee. Well, after all I am here to attend the unique Bean to Cup session conducted by the trained barista and the coffee lover in me is… Read More Bean to Coffee Cup session with Lavazza


Birds of City Palace, Udaipur

If there was one monument that is most visited in Udaipur it is the beautiful City Palace. Housing a stunning museum, this exquisite palace is located on the stunning Lake Pichola that also has the famed Lake Palace and Jag Mandir too. Its picture perfect environs make for several Instagram worthy pictures and it is… Read More Birds of City Palace, Udaipur

Hindustan Times

Gold in Home Decor

Adding gold accents in home décor has an instant effect of giving your home a touch of all things regal. “The beauty about gold, though, is that in all states from uncertainty to conviction, it never for once gives up its luster,” said Ufuoma Apoki. Gold accents are being increasingly used in home decor to… Read More Gold in Home Decor

Sakal Times

Frozen Foods

According to the India Frozen Food Market Outlook, 2021, the frozen food market of India is growing with a CAGR of 15-20% in the last four years. As urban dynamics change and families become nuclear, there is a marked shift towards frozen foods. With the current trends in the market where both members of the… Read More Frozen Foods


Jiva Spa at Taj Westend

A spa outing at Jiva Spa in Taj Westend is all about holistic rejuvenation the traditional Ayurvedic way. As a natural healing science that has a history of over 5000 years, Ayurveda comes with a body of research that is hard to beat. Naturally rejuvenation techniques based on Ayurveda are always top notch. And when… Read More Jiva Spa at Taj Westend


Tea Experiences in the Nilgiris

The Cup That Cheers The sight of the undulating Blue Mountains, endless tea plantations and snaky roads that fork up the hill make the Nilgiri Biosphere a place like no other. Home to Ooty, Conoor and Kotagiri, these hills also have a charm that is hard to miss. The elevation also means that the Nilgiris… Read More Tea Experiences in the Nilgiris


Superfood Powders –

While superfoods top health charts across the world, superfood powders have become highly popular in many Indian homes for being convenient and helping improve the health quotient of different dishes From matcha and moringa powder to acai and spirulina, the variety of superfood powders available in the market is quite mind boggling. And to increase… Read More Superfood Powders –


The Happiness Equation

If there is one virtue that is most sought after it is happiness. However in today’s times it is also the most elusive. Unlocking the secret to being happy however is in your hands. If there is one question that everyone seeks out an answer it has to be ‘What is the secret to be… Read More The Happiness Equation