A unique cure for PCOS

Clinical Yoga Therapy or therapeutic yoga is taking centre stage to help women deal with polycystic ovary syndrome For 31-year-old Gurugram resident Khyati Gupta Babbar, polycystic ovarian syndrome was a part of her life. She had been suffering from the condition for 10 years so much so that her menstrual cycles were dependent on drugs.… Read More A unique cure for PCOS

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Vegetarian Cuisine

October 1st is celebrated as World Vegetarian Day and it is time to get your fill of what is happening in this space. Being a vegetarian by birth and choice, I am often questioned about my food preferences. However I have always maintained that the best food is vegetarian and I never miss out on… Read More Vegetarian Cuisine


Bene Restaurant – Sheraton Grand Bangalore at Brigade Gateway

A meal at Bene dispels many myths associated with Italian cuisine and what shines though here is the quality of ingredients that make for a superlative dining experience. Before starting this meal, I had the pleasure to chat with the very talented Chef Roberto Apa who is in charge of the culinary creations here. A seasoned professional… Read More Bene Restaurant – Sheraton Grand Bangalore at Brigade Gateway