Deccan Chronicle

Indian Youth Symphony by Bhoomija

Bhoomija presents Indian Youth Symphony directed by Pravin Godkhindi and S Surendranath an ode to the journey of the River Kaveri. There is an alluring quality about rivers that is best experienced when you see it for yourself. And when this is captured musically it can elevate the experience to another level. And this is… Read More Indian Youth Symphony by Bhoomija

Manufacturing Today

Steel as a Building Material

If there was one material that is integral to the building process, steel is what comes to mind immediately. Over the course of time, steel structure designs are being pursued by the developers of universities, hotels and other commercial projects. The Built Choice Residential or commercial tower construction in our country still relies primarily on… Read More Steel as a Building Material

Manufacturing Today

Ready mix concrete (RMC) and batching solutions

Ready mix concrete (RMC) and batching solutions are changing as they become more effective and efficient. The fourth industrial revolution, also known as Industry 4.0 has been creating great upheavals and disruptions in the whole process of product design, manufacturing, services and operating conditions better than ever before. Armed with technological breakthroughs and improved connectivity,… Read More Ready mix concrete (RMC) and batching solutions

Spice Route

Indian Destinations to See in 2019

It’s the start of a New Year and one resolution you can make and keep is to travel. Here are some of our destination picks for 2019 and the best way to get you there is to hop into a SpiceJet flight. Delhi The capital city of India has so many places to see that… Read More Indian Destinations to See in 2019

Spice Route

Healthcare Trends in India 2019

New Year is the time for all things new, so why not understand what healthcare has in store for you? It’s the time of the year to crystal gaze and look at some of the new trends that will rule the healthcare industry in 2019. And we have experts in the field to tell us… Read More Healthcare Trends in India 2019

Spice Route

All About Green Chillies

Packing a Punch Green Chilli is one of the vibrant spices that can single handedly change the taste profile of a dish from drab to fab. If you are looking to add a zing into any dish, there is no better spice than green chilli. They are the heart and soul of any quintessential Indian… Read More All About Green Chillies

Deccan Chronicle

Vintage Lights in Home Decor

Vintage lighting elements effortlessly meet the dual goal of giving home décor a luxe effect while providing light. Lighting is one of the most important and an integral part of any decor. Lighting a space in the correct manner enhances the aesthetics and the mood of the space. With lighting one can choose the part… Read More Vintage Lights in Home Decor


Apparel Trends in 2018

Flash Back 2018 As the curtains fall on 2018 let’s look back at the apparel trends that ruled the year. 2018 was the year that saw the apparel industry take several new strides. The fashion ramps have witnessed many new fashion and style trends and the apparel manufacturers have looked at the past and at… Read More Apparel Trends in 2018


Apparel for Community Weddings

Wedding Vows It is the time for weddings at this juncture of the year and while Bollywood may be leading the wedding brigade, it is certainly the flavour of the season. Today with couples looking beyond religion when they get married, there is a new culture of multiple wedding rituals per customs of the bride… Read More Apparel for Community Weddings

Hindustan Times

Ikat in Home Decor

The Warp and the Weft Incorporating the beautiful symmetrical and geometric patterns of Ikat into your home can give it a beautiful makeover very easily. There is something alluring about the Ikat weaves. Perhaps it stems from the fact that it is a traditional handloom one or just that it is so pleasing on the… Read More Ikat in Home Decor