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Chef Sandhya Seshadri Interview

Chef Sandhya Seshadri gave up her professional career to follow her dreams of being an entrepreneur and today she bakes delectable eclairs. To follow your heart is something that is easier said than done. After all it requires a lot of passion and also a sense of practicality to go down that trajectory. And Sandhya… Read More Chef Sandhya Seshadri Interview


Arty and Crafty in Udaipur

While Rajasthan is known as a patron of arts, Udaipur is quietly carrying forward a wonderful legacy of the same through myriad manifestation. Interestingly these crafts have all been practiced since several years and are usually handed down from one generation to another which adds a quintessential old world charm. The City Palace in Udaipur… Read More Arty and Crafty in Udaipur

Sakal Times

Encashing Loyalty Points

With the festive season at its peak, shopping is always on the agenda and loyalty points can help lighten the burden on your pocket. It is that time of the year when everyone indulges in some kind of retail therapy courtesy the slew of festivals that are around the corner. Naturally it is also the… Read More Encashing Loyalty Points

Sakal Times

The Institut Français de Pondichéry (IFP)

The Institut Français de Pondichéry (IFP) that translates into The French Institute of Pondicherry has been researching India since 1955. On a sultry September morning, I decided to explore Pondicherry’s White Town or its French Quarter by walking around the streets whose French names have always intrigued me. I have always discovered many new places… Read More The Institut Français de Pondichéry (IFP)

Bangalore Mirror

Sanjay Bhat Interview

Sanjay Bhat is a Creative Director with an advertising agency but it his hobby of upcycling products to make lamps through his appropriately titled venture End of the Tunnel. What would you do with a piece of wooden log, an old shoe last, an old air drill, a defunct camera, a cycle handle and an… Read More Sanjay Bhat Interview

The Tribune

Where Chefs Eat When They Are Abroad

Travelling for food is today a reality and food related tourism is certainly at an all-time high. After all discovering a place through its food is a fun way to learn about the local nuances of a destination. We speak to eight chefs across the country to tell us their favourite food memory when they… Read More Where Chefs Eat When They Are Abroad


Interview with Manjula Tiwari, CEO, Ancestry

Ancestry, a contemporary Indian Lifestyle & Fashion label by Future Style Lab Ltd is increasing its retail footprint in India. With a rich textile legacy, India has a heritage of weaves that is impossible to ignore. And it is this very story of India that sees a confluence of aesthetics, responsible and mindful consumption and… Read More Interview with Manjula Tiwari, CEO, Ancestry


Organic Fabrics

Organic fabrics are making a sure and steady mark across all kinds of apparel in India and they also have a global appeal being a favourite with exports too. Organic textiles are grown with no pesticides, herbicides or chemicals using natural fertilizers. Usually they are certified by an agency and 95% of the fabric contains… Read More Organic Fabrics

Deccan Chronicle

Manasa, The National Conference on Art Craft & Design

If art appeals to you, then a visit to Manasa, The National Conference on Art Craft & Design is something that should be on your agenda this weekend. This conference is the finale of a series of events by Art Mantram in the city. The conference aims to bring together practitioners and thinkers at the… Read More Manasa, The National Conference on Art Craft & Design

Sakal Times

Diwali Lights in Home Decor

This Diwali make the perfect excuse to bring light into your life – whether it is in the form of lamp shades, light fixtures, diyas, traditional lamps or candles. ‘Light attracts light’ ~ Warsan Shire. It is the season of all things bright and all things light. Well it is Diwali and the time of… Read More Diwali Lights in Home Decor