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Sandakphu – A Himalayan Odyssey

If you are a mountain lover, look no further than Sandakphu, a delightful destination tucked amidst the Himalayas. Where can you see Mount Everest, Kangchenjunga, Lhotse and Makalu in one perspective? Well, Sandakphu in West Bengal bordering Nepal is the place where you will not just see the majestic Himalayas in all their pristine beauty… Read More Sandakphu – A Himalayan Odyssey

Goya Journal

Baking Memories in Bengaluru

The old time bakeries of Bengaluru continue to whip up some old time favourites that continue to be relevant generations after they were first started. When Priyank Sukanand came back to Bengaluru after completing his masters in pastry and confectionery arts at Le Cordon Bleu in London he was faced with a situation where he… Read More Baking Memories in Bengaluru

The Tribune

Postal Museum Bengaluru

A postal museum in Bengaluru is all things dedicated to the postal services and is a potpourri of everything that helps in making communication possible. You’ve Got Mail Snail mail maybe the term that today’s generation refers to the postal services but one look at Sandesh Museum of Communication that recently opened doors in Bengaluru’s… Read More Postal Museum Bengaluru

Sakal Times

World Water Day – Time to be Water Wise

As a resource that is depleting faster than you think, water is something that must be a focus area that needs the highest priority. This year’s theme for World Water Day on March 22 is Water and Climate Change – two aspects that are inextricably linked. In a country like India, there are several people… Read More World Water Day – Time to be Water Wise

The Hans India

Anegundi Travelogue

Look a little beyond Hampi and you will discover Anegundi believed to be one of the oldest places in the world. I first heard of Anegundi a few years back when an acquaintance mentioned a temple complex that could be reached only via a boat or coracle ride. Intrigued I did some research and found… Read More Anegundi Travelogue

Deccan Chronicle

The taste of Raw Mango

With the parting of the winter clouds, it is once again time for summer and arguably the best part of summer – mangoes. Come summer and the one thing that you can look forward to is mangoes especially the raw mango that is a great addition to the menu. While known for being a great… Read More The taste of Raw Mango

Bangalore Mirror

Compassion Circles in Bangalore

Compassion and gratitude circles in the city are ensuring that you have an avenue where people come together. Human Connect Awakin is a fully volunteer run operation where hosts open up their homes for an evening of silence and community. This circle is a space for people to come together and share in a context… Read More Compassion Circles in Bangalore

Bangalore Mirror

Improvisation theatre or the Improv theatre in Bangalore

Improvisation theatre or the Improv theatre is taking centerstage as it helps a whole new generation get on stage. Lights On Playback by First Drop Theatre started by Dr. Radhika Jain and Bejoy Balagopal has been into improv/Playback Theatre performance space for nearly a decade. They conduct a 30-hours/4-day training in the basic skills, values… Read More Improvisation theatre or the Improv theatre in Bangalore

Sakal Times

World Sleep Day – Why Sleep Matters

This World Sleep Day (March 13) make a promise to yourself to sleep better as it can help you beat any virus and stay at the top of your game. At a recent media round table by, a research and innovation-driven sleep solutions, Co- Founder and Director, Chaitanya Ramalingegowda launched the #SleepIndiaSleep Movement where… Read More World Sleep Day – Why Sleep Matters

Healthcare India

Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is changing how people monitor their health and fitness goals. With health and fitness taking centerstage, smart wearable gadgets are seeing a newfound resurgence. Some of the most common and innovative kinds of wearable technology in the current day include smart watches, smart clothing, head-mounted displays and implantable technology. Tools Galore The wearable… Read More Wearable Technology