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Nimba Nature Cure Ahmedabad

A retreat where you can connect with yourself holistically and make the most of “me time” is what Nimba Nature Cure promises. Driving from Ahmedabad’s airport to Nimba Nature Cure is well over an hour and the highway is dotted with greenery and lots of colourful bougainvilleas. As I arrive into the 30-acre retreat, there… Read More Nimba Nature Cure Ahmedabad


Weaves of Maheshwar

Maheshwar is a small town whose weavers continue to create magic on hand looms reviving a tradition that dates back several thousand years. On a recent trip to Mandu, a casual conversation with a media colleague led me to discover its proximity to Maheshwar and I immediately decided to head to the city known for… Read More Weaves of Maheshwar

Healthcare India

Conrad Spa Review

A session at Conrad Spa is all about relaxing in luxurious setting that will ensure you can rejuvenate and detox. Located on the third level of the plus Conrad Bengaluru is a wellness floor that has a fitness center and swimming pool as well as a yoga pavilion. However when you enter the floor it… Read More Conrad Spa Review

Architectural Digest

Indian Accents Dominate the Décor of this Pune Villa

This 7000 sq ft modern luxury villa located in Pune features contemporary Indian design elements, including a central courtyard and a magnificent stepwell. Kunaal Kyhaan Seolekar, Architect and Interior Designer, Founder of studioHAUS and The KOY Store has designed courtyardHAUS, a modern luxury villa using modern Indian elements as well as an interesting collection of… Read More Indian Accents Dominate the Décor of this Pune Villa


Homemade Hummus with Lavash

The combination of hummus and lavash is a something that makes for a complete well balanced meal. And if they are both homemade, it adds to the health element too. I have made this many times in the past but posting for the first time. Hope you try it too – after all we have… Read More Homemade Hummus with Lavash