The Sindhian

The Sindhian – stories in July- Sep 2019

Here are the stories from The Sindhian’s July-Sep 2019 issue. Dr. Rajesh Rajani, Consultant Cardiologist at P.D. Hinduja Hospital and Medical Research Centre, Mumbai. When he was just six, the word cardiologist was imprinted in Dr. Rajesh Rajani’s mind. His mother a blood pressure patient was always enamoured by cardiologists and wished that her son… Read More The Sindhian – stories in July- Sep 2019

The Sindhian

The Sindhian stories Apr-Jun 2019

I interviewed I diverse set of people for this issue. Natalia Gul Jilani Baghdadi‘s Twitter and Instagram profile reads, “I fix teeth. I act. I get paid to crack jokes. Yes I’m that Sindhi Girl. A Healer.” Say hello to a woman who is multi-tasking diverse roles with a rare aplomb that deserves to be… Read More The Sindhian stories Apr-Jun 2019

The New Indian Express

Ayurveda as an Immunity Booster

The need for an immune body probably cannot be emphasized more than at a time like this as COVID-19 grips the world. The COVID-19 outbreak has brought the focus back to the body’s natural defense system or immunity. While there is no medicine for COVID-19 as of now, the need is to take preventative measures… Read More Ayurveda as an Immunity Booster

The Hindu Business Line

The Bangalore Press Calendar hits a century

The Bangalore Press releases its 100th edition of its iconic calendar that marks a glorious run of its illustrious past and contemporary present. Growing up in Hyderabad, the one thing that I remember almost as a ritual at home in the beginning of the year was the arrival of ‘The Bangalore Press’ calendar. As a… Read More The Bangalore Press Calendar hits a century

Round Glass Thali

The Pickle Story

Pickles incidentally have been around for very long. Thousands of years ago, cucumber, native to India was the first thing to be pickled. The sole reason for pickling at that time was to preserve food for long journeys. “Since then, pickles have come far in the culinary world. Not to forget, I’d like to give… Read More The Pickle Story

Architectural Digest

Holiday Home in the Hills

Wayanad in Kerala has a natural architectural landscape nestled among hills and meandering water bodies which is the muse of this weekend holiday home. Colonnaded verandas, courtyards, high ceilings, breezy folding doors and a clean contemporary design makes this Wayanad home designed by Humming Tree architects Mohammed Afnan and Arun Shekar a delightful space. The… Read More Holiday Home in the Hills

Readers Digest

Notes from Nature

Looking outside my window and seeing the wonders of nature has been my most favourite thing to do during the lockdown. I am fortunate that my apartment is next to a temple that houses a massive Ficus Racemosa tree that grows cluster figs near the tree trunk. Typically, April is the time when the figs… Read More Notes from Nature

The Tribune

Chef Gaggan Anand – an interview

Chef Gaggan Anand is nothing short of a maverick in the kitchen and conjures up the most unusual interpretations of Indian cuisine. Gaggan Anand – the name that is held with utmost regard in culinary circles needs little introduction. For the uninitiated his restaurant has made it four years into ‘Restaurant’s The World’s 50 Best… Read More Chef Gaggan Anand – an interview

The New Indian Express

An interview with author Ratna Rajaiah

Secrets of Health from the Indian Kitchen is a new book by Ratna Rajaiah that is an ode to traditional Indian cooking that is good for you. Did you know that the humble urad dal is an aphrodisiac or that a couple of bananas a day can lower blood pressure? Well neither did I till… Read More An interview with author Ratna Rajaiah

Millionaire Asia

Luxury Lighting

Luxury Lighting is the best way to add a touch of gloss and glamour to perk up a space instantly. Aaron Rose, American film director famously said, “in the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.” Read that again and it is not hard to realize that the impact that lighting can make… Read More Luxury Lighting