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Subodh Kerkar – an Interview

Artist Subodh Kerkar, a Goan painter, installation artist and painter is also using Gandhi to make sense of the current turmoil in the country. Are Gandhian principles relevant in today’s time? Well this is a question that can have diagrammatically opposite answers but is a question that can be debated and argued from both sides.… Read More Subodh Kerkar – an Interview


How To Live Like A Local In Thailand

There are several reasons why Thailand is also known as “The Land of Smiles.” Apart from the fact that the Thai are a fun-loving people, it’s hard not to smile when you’re living in a tropical paradise. Living like a local in Thailand means being in touch with this fun-loving and optimistic culture, having an… Read More How To Live Like A Local In Thailand

Healthcare India

All About Meditation

Meditation is slowly but surely gaining the status it always deserved especially in the trying times we live in. Meditation, a practice that dates to several centuries is a simple yet profound gift that humanity could receive. It is the art of allowing you to connect to who you are, go deep within, allowing you… Read More All About Meditation

Vegetarian Recipes

Green Gram Dosa with Beetroot Chutney

A colourful plate is not just attractive but also packs a punch of good health. And to make breakfast interesting and healthy I decided to make this green gram dosa and teamed it with a beetroot chutney. Here is the recipe. Green Gram Dosa Ingredients 2 cups whole green gram A bunch of fresh coriander… Read More Green Gram Dosa with Beetroot Chutney

Vegetarian Recipes

Healthy Banana Cake

This cake is healthy as it does not use refined flour, sugar or eggs and yet is yummy. I recently found myself with two rather ripe banana’s at home that clearly no one wanted so I decided to make a healthy banana cake. Using simple ingredients that are available at home, you can too. Here… Read More Healthy Banana Cake