The New Indian Express

The Story of Mattu Gulla

The Udupi Brinjal or Gulla is an heirloom vegetable that is hundreds of years old and also has a GI Tag to protect its uniqueness. In her book Udupi Cuisine author U.B. Rajalakshmi says, “the gulla has a property called nanju which is perhaps referred to as poison. When the gulla is immersed in water… Read More The Story of Mattu Gulla


Kwality Foods’ New Muesli Breakfast Range Helps Boost Immunity

If you are looking for a quick breakfast option that is easy on the pocket while being healthy, check out Kwality Foods’ New Muesli Breakfast Range Kwality Foods is an Indian brand with over two decades of experience in the food industry and has recently come up with a range of new muesli that includes… Read More Kwality Foods’ New Muesli Breakfast Range Helps Boost Immunity

Citizen Matters

Promise of Plasma treatment for COVID-19

A key method being used to treat COVID-19, plasma therapy has shown significant promise with patient recoveries. Plasma therapy is a treatment method that is an experimental therapy and uses the plasma donated by a patient who has recovered from COVID-19 as their blood stream has protective antibodies. Usually used in patients who are not… Read More Promise of Plasma treatment for COVID-19

Lonely Planet

DIY Kits: Restaurant at Home

DIY kits from restaurants ensure you never miss the food from your favourite restaurant and can put together a meal from the comfort of your home. The COVID-19 induced lockdown has made restaurants across the country think out of the box and in order to ensure that they remain connected with their customers have come… Read More DIY Kits: Restaurant at Home

The Tribune

Flat Breads with a Twist

Breads are a staple at every meal and while curries have seen much change, the bread was somehow always left behind. This has however changed, and chefs are now experimenting with innovative fillings and grains to ensure that flat breads are becoming as interesting as they are tasty. New Plates While there are several new… Read More Flat Breads with a Twist

The New Indian Express

Lockdown Eating

India has been on a spree of ordering food in during this lockdown and the trends are as interesting as they are appetizing. As a country that loves food, probably there is no match for India. Eating out has naturally thrived curtesy the plethora of options available. However, post March 22, things changed completely with… Read More Lockdown Eating


Naans and Kulchas of Hyderabad

With its quintessential naans and kulchas, the breads of Hyderabad, a city in South India have a history and taste to match. Did you know that the Hyderabad flag is yellow with a white circle and the circle represents a kulcha? A kulcha for the uninitiated, is a soft leavened flatbread typically eaten with gravy… Read More Naans and Kulchas of Hyderabad

Free Press Journal

Sona Mohapatra interview

I recently spoke to Sona Mohapatra the singer is known to speak her mind and her music reflects the person she as she sets the right tone to connect with her audience. The conversation was easy and breezy and Sona came across as a person who is self assured as intelligent. Did you know that… Read More Sona Mohapatra interview

Round Glass Thali

Adukale – an ode to Sankethi Cuisine

Sankethi cuisine is as unique as it can get being a cuisine that draws influences from South Indian states. The flavours and flavour profile of Sankethi cuisine make it unique and when you eat it you know its tastes similar, yet you will find something different. A key attribute of the cuisine is in the… Read More Adukale – an ode to Sankethi Cuisine


Nilgiris Calling

The Nilgiris have a charm that is as ethereal as enduring. Ooty, Coonoor and Kotagiri that form the Nilgiris have several secrets that are waiting to be dicovered. While tea is a mainstay of the region, there are many differenciated tea experiences that you can take. Also read my other story on Tea experiences in… Read More Nilgiris Calling