Birds of Reunion Island Photo Essay

When most people hear of Reunion Island – the instinctive question is where is this country? To be honest it was mine too when I was invited a couple of years ago. Close to Mauritius (30 minute flight away), this is a tropical island that is a French Department. So the official language here is… Read More Birds of Reunion Island Photo Essay

The Tribune

Masks as a canvas for folk art

As the pandemic continues, traditional handlooms and handicrafts are manifesting into masks, making art wearable. The relentless uncertainty due to Covid-19 has made businesses adapt and evolve with some social consciousness woven in. This is being seen especially in masks – the need of the hour which is the latest canvas for traditional fabrics and… Read More Masks as a canvas for folk art

Vegetarian Recipes

Apple Cake – no sugar, no refined flour, no butter, no eggs

This is the season when local apples from Shimla make an appearance in local markets and being a fruit that is packed with health benefits, it is but natural that apples must be a part of your seasonal diet. After toying with the idea of an apple cake I decided to make one finally. This… Read More Apple Cake – no sugar, no refined flour, no butter, no eggs

The New Indian Express

Interview with Samir Kochhar

Samir Kochhar is a host, actor and sports enthusiast who has made his presence felt on television, films, OTT platforms and more. Samir Kochhar has been a familiar face for close to two decades now and his repertoire of work is extensive. After a five-month hiatus he is back on set and is hosting a… Read More Interview with Samir Kochhar

Passion Passport

Nizwa Travel Guide

Nizwa in Oman is a potpourri of experiences that define Omani culture. I visited this beautiful country a few years back and came back with so many memories. Nizwa was the erstwhile capital of Oman in the 6th and 7th century and has been befittingly called the ‘Pearl of Islam’, Nizwa is one of the… Read More Nizwa Travel Guide

Free Press Journal

Interview with Anpu Varkey

A new graphic novel by Anpu Varkey is guaranteed to take you on a trip down memory lane, reliving arguably the best days of your life – your childhood. What would think of a book that has only illustrations and is a silent book? Well there are two ways to look at it. One what… Read More Interview with Anpu Varkey

The New Indian Express

Anti Viral Fabrics

As the country ups the ante to battle COVID-19, there have been a slew of textile and apparel launches that can help you combat the virus. There are a slew of textile and apparel options that can help you combat the virus. Somesh Singh, Co-founder, Craft Village and India Craft Week, and Former Professor at… Read More Anti Viral Fabrics

Luxury Lifestyle Magazine UK

Zarin – Taste of Royalty

Zarin the fine dining specialty restaurant at Fairmont, Jaipur is all about regal Rajasthani food that is sure to take you on a gastronomic journey of the state. On my last visit to the royal city of Jaipur, I spent a night at the palatial Fairmont Jaipur. A hotel that is all things beautiful complete… Read More Zarin – Taste of Royalty

Lonely Planet

Agumbe and Cobra Research

The king cobra is a fascinating animal and unlike any other snake. I was lucky to come up close with the some absolutely amazing aspects around this wonderful animal. For instance, breeding season of the king cobras is usually after February and male cobras travel miles from their home range in search of a female.… Read More Agumbe and Cobra Research


The Couple That Travels Together

An Indo German couple Jupp Schmitt and Nandita Nanda, founders of BOLDiscovery, a travel platform have embarked on a life of exploration. Wanderlust – a search on Instagram on this hashtag led me to a whopping 121M posts! While travelling is something most people love, the ongoing pandemic has only reinforced the need for travel… Read More The Couple That Travels Together