The New Indian Express

Healthcare Innovations

A slew of new innovations is promising to help Indians invest better on their health in the looming shadow of the novel coronavirus pandemic. Here are 15 such innovations: AugnitoPrice: starts at Rs.2400Availability: Hospitals Globus ULV Disinfectant FoggerPrice: Rs 30000-35000Availability: Office, Crowded public spaces Linc Pentonic Covid-19 KillerPrice: Rs 150Availability: Retail stores, Stationery… Read More Healthcare Innovations

The Tribune

Hyper Local Ingredients

Hyper local ingredients are making a strong statement in menus across restaurants as ethical eating takes center stage especially in a COVID-19 world. Hyper-local sourcing is gaining a rising popularity as it focuses on the idea of producing the ingredients domestically. It involves growing a plethora of ingredients organically, usually in the backyard or a… Read More Hyper Local Ingredients

Goya Journal

Black Rice Kheer

Black Rice is an ingredient that I first came across in my first ever trip to the North East last year. Specifically I was in Assam which is said to be a location that is the gateway to the North East I was intrigued by the many nuances of the place. One of my discoveries… Read More Black Rice Kheer

Architect & Interiors India

Bath Fixtures

Modern bathroom designs are a balanced mix of aesthetics and functionality. There are numerous ways to imagine a bathroom, based on the client’s requirement and the intended use of the space. Bath fixtures are the finer details that contribute to the overall look and feel of the bathroom. The market today has seen a plethora… Read More Bath Fixtures