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Cut the Clutter

Rohini Rajagopal, a certified professional organizer and founder Organise With Ease is helping cleanup and make place in a variety of spaces. A well-organized space where things are clean and organized is not just a way of methodical living but also gives positive energy that augurs well for mental health too. However, we are all guilty of hoarding and… Read More Cut the Clutter

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Tracing the Cartographer’s Trail

Using a general motif of the running stitch kantha embroidery, Tracing the Cartographer’s Trail is Manish Pushkale’s new exhibition of paintings. Delhi based Manish Pushkale, a contemporary modern Indian artist whose works have a strong influence of his hometown Bhopal and Madya Pradesh is showcasing a series of paintings with the Kantha motif. Being displayed… Read More Tracing the Cartographer’s Trail

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Shivarapatna – crafting God

Shivarapatna is a small hamlet where every household is involved in the art of stone sculpting for generations. Driving the 60 km stretch from Bengaluru to Shivarapatna (in Malur, Kolar district, Karnataka) is close to 90 minutes, I am greeted by a well laid road with homes on either side all, of which have large… Read More Shivarapatna – crafting God

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Mysore Pak – the story

The legendary Mysore Pak of Mysore has a royal connection with its origins in the palace kitchen over 100 years ago. A small motley crowd had already gathered at the hole-in-the-wall store in the bustling Devaraja Market in Mysore. Notwithstanding, I reach out my hand to be given a hot piece of Mysore Pak on… Read More Mysore Pak – the story

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Royal Revival of Crafts

Descendants of erstwhile royal families are taking up the mantle of giving dying handicrafts and handlooms a much-needed fillip through their patronage. Aimed at protecting, preserving and promoting the city’s heritage be it tangible and intangible or cultural and natural, royal descendants are doing their bit to ensure dying crafts are revived and here are… Read More Royal Revival of Crafts

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High Pressure Laminates

High Pressure Laminates (HPL) are a superior version of regular laminates. Greater in thickness, it also comes along with a substrate and has numerous applications. Naturally, both vendors and architects are using them in myriad ways in architecture and interiors. HPL can be used as a cladding material for buildings. These are sturdy, water-proof, and… Read More High Pressure Laminates

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Talakadu Travelogue

The temples of Talakadu a tiny town near Mysore has fascinating stories from the past that are an intricate part of its fabric. “Do you know that Talakadu has many cashew trees?” This was a question my cousin asked me many moons ago explaining that this was a place where the cashew trees were strewn… Read More Talakadu Travelogue


Valentine with a Twist

Typically associated with roses, chocolates and flowers, Valentine’s Day across the globe has many interesting twists. And it is all about love in all its forms that includes friendship too. We look at six unique traditions in different countries that give Valentine celebrations a whole new meaning and perspective. Japan While Valentine Day is all… Read More Valentine with a Twist


World Cancer Day : How Ranjeet Kumar, Co-Founder & CEO, Team Pumpkin survived cancer and built a business

A story of grit and determination, Ranjeet Kumar, Co-Founder & CEO, Team Pumpkin, has beaten cancer twice and is an inspiration to others. On 25th August 2012 Ranjeet Kumar, and Swati Nathani met and conceptualized Team Pumpkin and on 14th February 2013, Team Pumpkin was launched. In about a month, precisely on 23rd March 2013,… Read More World Cancer Day : How Ranjeet Kumar, Co-Founder & CEO, Team Pumpkin survived cancer and built a business

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Essential Oils

Essential oils are a great way to destress and relax and can also help calm your nerves and build a strong immune system. Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts that have unique aromatic compounds give each essential oil its distinguishing essence. These oils are obtained through various methods including cold pressing, steam distillation or water… Read More Essential Oils