The New Indian Express

The Karuna Quilt Movement

The Karuna Quilt Movement has a two-fold intention of providing employment as well as appreciating frontline workers. When the pandemic arrived unannounced last year, it caught all of us by surprise. Life as we knew it was thrown out of gear and adapting to the ‘new normal’ in the face of depression and negativity has… Read More The Karuna Quilt Movement

Free Press Journal

Black Garlic

Black Garlic adds the perfect punch to a dish without the trademark smell and elevates the meal several notches higher. While regular garlic is commonplace, black garlic is the result of a process of aging and fermentation that gives the garlic an extra boost of flavour and is also good for you. Several countries in… Read More Black Garlic

Zee Zest

Cycling Groups

Even as the second wave of the deadly COVID-19 rages on, one way that you can stay fit naturally is cycling. Cycling is not just a sport but also a way to stay fit and in the new norms of social distancing can be automatically enforced when you cycle. A sport that is is back… Read More Cycling Groups

India Currents

Vaccine Tourism Demystified

If there is one word that is the buzz all around it is vaccines and the shortage of vaccines in most countries, has brought the trend of vaccine tourism. When I first heard of vaccine tourism I felt that it was inaccessible to most people. After all you need deep pockets to travel and stay… Read More Vaccine Tourism Demystified

Deccan Chronicle

Control Food Waste

Food that is binned is becoming a serious cause for concern in India even as COVID-19 puts the brakes on access to food. Growing up, food was always important and meant to be conserved. In fact, my father had taught me exactly how to ensure I empty the entire contents of any food from a… Read More Control Food Waste

Deccan Chronicle

Yoga and Mental Health

As the world celebrates International Yoga Day on June 21, it is time to look at the holistic health practice as a tool for mental wellness. Yes, yoga is not just good for physical health, but also mental health and experts tell us how you can benefit from the same. In India, around 2% of… Read More Yoga and Mental Health

Seema Magazine

Akashdeep Sengupta Interview

Akashdeep Sengupta has composed music for several movies and sung numerous jingles in a career that he has built on his own. Coming from a family of musicians, his father and uncles are also singers, Akashdeep admits, that music was always a part of his growing years. A regular on stage, he would win prizes… Read More Akashdeep Sengupta Interview

Deccan Chronicle

Movement Training

A fitness regimen that includes elements of dance, soft acrobatics and martial arts, Movement Training is becoming popular especially today. What makes movement training unique is the fact that this kind of training works several muscle groups at once. Movement training resembles real-life situations rather than the movements that you perform in a gym. Movement… Read More Movement Training

Khaleej Times

Zurich Old Town

While one may associate Zurich with everything a modern, big city should be, it has an interesting medieval past that is as intriguing as it is fascinating. Interestingly, the roots of present-day Zurich go back to 80 BC and the Roman influence gradually increased from 40 BC when Roman soldiers settled here. With a history… Read More Zurich Old Town

India Currents

Mask with a Cause

The Mask India Project is an initiative that is using masks to give back to the community and contribute towards COVID-19 relief. Even as India is seeing a deadly second wave that has shaken the entire country, there has been a silver lining in terms of a surge of humanity that is lending a helping… Read More Mask with a Cause