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Infuse Spa at Four Seasons Bangalore

The newly opened Infuse Spa at the plush Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru at Embassy ONE is guaranteed to leave your feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. One of the best ways to relax and recharge your senses is to head for a spa session and this is what I did when I visited the plush Infuse Spa… Read More Infuse Spa at Four Seasons Bangalore

Architectural Digest

Kahani Paradise Gokarna

A place where stories come alive, much like its name, Kahani Paradise is a labour of love. Kahani Paradise as the name indicates is a perfect example of a home that has now become a new age retreat that combines the tradition with the modern. What started in 2005-06 as a holiday home for London-based… Read More Kahani Paradise Gokarna

Aspire Magazine

Interview: Dr. M F Sameer

Using the possible potential of consciousness and Holistic psychotherapy, Mohammed Faizuddin Ahmed Sameer (Dr. M F Sameer) has helped people battle a gamut of issues from as simple as worry, anxiety, uncertainty, fear to hypertension, depression, diabetes to cancer. Dr. M F Sameer’s journey towards holistic sciences started when his mother was diagnosed with cancer.… Read More Interview: Dr. M F Sameer

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Cottagecore Lifestyle

If there is one lesson that COVID-19 has taught all of us is that nature is above everyone else and respecting that is the way forward. The pandemic induced lockdown threw up many trends but one that caught my attention was ‘cottagecore’. When I looked up the tag on Instagram, I saw a whopping count… Read More Cottagecore Lifestyle

The New Indian Express

Space Time

Fancy a watch where Swiss automatic movement meets Muonionalusta Meteorites, then look no further. Bangalore Watch Company™ (BWC) has launched a new watch collection that pays tribute to five decades of India’s space exploration through its collection Apogee, a limited line of automatic watches. BWC was founded in India’s watchmaking ground-zero in 2018 by Bengaluru… Read More Space Time


Batting for Bats

Even as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, the origin of the coronavirus being caused by bats is just a myth like many other things that the flying mammal is associated with. ‘Blind as a bat’ is probably the most abused phrase. Did you know that bats are not blind? Well if you did not, it’s… Read More Batting for Bats

DLF Magazine

Bird Watching Sites in Delhi

Birding is a great way to destress, detox and bring a smile on your face, even as the coronavirus continues unabated. With its serene vistas, DLF Golf Links has an amazing landscape that has been a panacea for not just nature lovers but birds too. The COVID-19 lockdown has been great for nature and birders… Read More Bird Watching Sites in Delhi


Before Focusing On Your Future, Be Sure To Draw A Line Under The Past

After a very challenging two years due to the pandemic, 2022 will offer fresh optimism of a new start like never before. However, before focusing on all the positive changes you plan to make next year, it’s vital that you address issues affecting your past and present. Otherwise, this unfinished business will continue to hold… Read More Before Focusing On Your Future, Be Sure To Draw A Line Under The Past

Seema Magazine

The Colors of Navratri

The nine-day Navratri festival is getting underway soon and you can add a dash of color to the festivities by using this guide. Call it by any name Dasara, Dussehra or Navratri is a nine-day long festival that celebrates the victory of Goddess Durga over the demon Mahishasura. These nine nights have a specific color… Read More The Colors of Navratri


COVID-19 Entrepreneurs

COVID-19 may have dealt a blow like no other, but several individuals have used it as an opportunity to start on their own. The Indomitable Triumph of the Human Spirit is what these individuals have demonstrated when they have not let job losses or pandemic lockdowns and problems deter them. I spoke to four such… Read More COVID-19 Entrepreneurs