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Luxe Home in Gandhidham

The Agarwal House spread over 4000 Sqft in Kutch, Gandhidham has been designed by AVN Interiors is an ode to contemporary décor. Set in an idyllic neighbourhood of Kutch, this 4 BHK family bungalow has a contemporary appeal and has an interior anatomy that has stylish bespoke spaces that make this a new age home… Read More Luxe Home in Gandhidham

Deccan Chronicle

What Dreams Mean

Dreams are often called the gateway to the unconscious and yet have myriad interpretations that experts explain. Dreams are fascinating and mysterious experiences and decoding the psychology behind dreams could lead to a better understanding of sleep and the mind. Psychotherapists have long believed that our dreams give us insights into feelings and internal struggles… Read More What Dreams Mean


Grassroot Conservationist – Mat Suraj

Mat Suraj’s anti-poaching work in various parts of Chhattisgarh in India where wildlife is greatly threatened is changing the narrative around snares. In 2016, during a meeting with forest department officer Alok Tiwari, IFS, he was asked if he wanted to conduct a tiger-monitoring program for the next six months. As part of his camera… Read More Grassroot Conservationist – Mat Suraj


Review spa at Ayatana Coorg

A spa experience at The Wilderness Spa at Ayatana Coorg, is the best way to experience wellness in the post COVID era. Set amidst verdant greens, away from civilization (read very limited to no mobile connectivity), Ayatana Coorg is nestled amidst a forest area which makes it unusual as most resorts here are found overlooking… Read More Review spa at Ayatana Coorg


Tencha – Green Tea in Skin Care

Matcha has for long been hailed as a superfood and has made its way into plates but here is a brand that also uses it in its skin care. When I was approached by Tencha to review some skin care products, I was quite intrigued. For centuries, the Japanese have been tea drinkers and have… Read More Tencha – Green Tea in Skin Care

Deccan Chronicle

Celibacy – the next dating trend?

Life after COVID-19 has changed forever, so much to the extent that there is talk of celibacy becoming the next dating trend. The celibacy trend has been cyclic, yet we are back to it again because life has taken a new trajectory, one very unpredictable yet unexpected. In modern age, there is a great influence… Read More Celibacy – the next dating trend?

Zee Zest

Toy Trains of India – Children’s Day Special

Today is children’s day and a great way to revive memories of childhood. And what better than trains? As a child a train journey between Hyderabad to Bangalore was a permanent fixture in the summer months. Much later as an adult I hopped on to the Nilgri mountain railway for my first ever toy train… Read More Toy Trains of India – Children’s Day Special


Gallery Wall Ideas – Ten Ways to Hang Family Photos

Want to surprise your family? If yes, you should decorate the place where your family spends most of the home. You can add family photos on the gallery wall, which look nice. It represents the bond of family members and lets you travel back in those memories through conversations. Adding a personal touch on the… Read More Gallery Wall Ideas – Ten Ways to Hang Family Photos

Special Projects

My COVID-19 Story

When Norm Bour starting seeking writers to share positive stories about Covid for a book collaboration, I was intrigued. Norm went on to ask, “did you achieve things you wouldn’t normally do? Did your relationships change for the better? I want your stories.” I sent my story which was just a regular one, with small… Read More My COVID-19 Story

Deccan Chronicle

Adult Children & Parent’s Property

Adult children who are not employed are increasingly taking their parents to court for personal maintenance expenses. A few weeks ago, a UK Court dismissed a petition by Faiz Siddiqui, 41, who lost his court battle to force his wealthy parents to pay him maintenance for life. In the ruling Lord Justice Underhill ruled, “parents… Read More Adult Children & Parent’s Property