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LawmanPg3 X Rocky Star

Rocky S’s latest collaboration with LawmanPg3, the collection is fun, classy, chic and is inspired by men on the go. Inspired by the modern man this collection is for the men who want to seek the spotlight and face it confidently. It circles back to my love for grunge; it offers casual and contemporary styles for… Read More LawmanPg3 X Rocky Star

Free Press Journal

Ornaments and Embellishments for Christmas

‘Tis the season to be jolly and the best way is to do it at home. Wondering how? Well, use some amazing Christmas ornaments and embellishments to create personalised vignettes. It’s the season for cheer and festivity and being the end of the year, the holiday season is officially here. And home is where the… Read More Ornaments and Embellishments for Christmas

Deccan Chronicle

Celebrity Mothers

Celebrity mothers often credited as the force behind their famous children, lead lives that are less ordinary. Mothers as the silent support system of children is something that is unquestionable. When it comes to celebrities this is no different. However, these mom’s also have a life that is their own. Maye Musk (Elon Musk’s mother)… Read More Celebrity Mothers

Deccan Chronicle

The Mother-in-Law Factor

The relationship between a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law has always been a point of discussion and continues to be in the limelight one way or the other. Domineering MILs are not very uncommon even in these days and times. A Twitter user’s tweet that went viral recently was a rant because of being chided by her… Read More The Mother-in-Law Factor

Deccan Chronicle

Christmas Bakes

It is the best time of the year and Christmas is around the corner. There is a sense of joy and cheer and as homes and cities light up we have five recipes that will add a zing to your festivities. Christmas baking is a tradition that has been around for the longest time. The… Read More Christmas Bakes


The spa at Kahani Paradise Gokarna

The spa at Kahani Paradise Gokarna, will help you relax and rejuvenate in the lap of luxury with nature being the best company. Reaching Kahani Paradise from Bengaluru is a bit of a task. Waking up at 3:00 am for an early morning flight to Goa followed by a 3.5-hour road trip is exhausting. However,… Read More The spa at Kahani Paradise Gokarna

Zee Zest

Bangalore Literature Festival 2021

The 10th Edition of the Bangalore Literature Festival kicks off on 18-19 December 2021 | 10 am onwards ar the Bangalore International Centre, Domlur With over 160 international, Indian and city authors and speakers, the four programme forums including a new ‘AMA with An Author’, bookstore, exciting conversations on fiction and non-fiction, Indian cinema, tech… Read More Bangalore Literature Festival 2021

Seema Magazine

Christmas Desserts

It’s the time of the year when there is all the reason to bake and get things rustling in your oven. Yes, its Christmas and the aroma of fresh bakes wafting in homes is what gives homes an endless sense of warmth and festivities. We give you a couple of options to try this holiday… Read More Christmas Desserts

Seema Magazine

Christmas Decor

Christmas is around the corner and it is the season for all things cheery and the perfect time to give your home a Christmassy makeover. Christmas is one of those richest festivals that requires a gamut of decor techniques. Festivals are the perfect occasion for a gathering with your loved ones. Most of us associate… Read More Christmas Decor

The National News

NIMHANS Heritage Museum – Ode to Mental Health

Mental Health has come into the forefront in the pandemic, and this is an aspect that is more relevant now than ever before and this museum plays a perfect ode to this sentiment. Did you know that the Stanford Binet intelligence scale measures abilities in seven categories including reasoning, memory, social intelligence, conceptual numerical reasoning,… Read More NIMHANS Heritage Museum – Ode to Mental Health