Free Press Journal

Intimate Weddings

The big fat Indian wedding is all set to change to the close-knit intimate wedding and method of taking the plunge needs better planning and execution. Minimalism, as a trend, is gaining popularity in our celebrations and with an increasing number of couples adopting the ‘less is more’ philosophy. Making the best of natural light,… Read More Intimate Weddings

Architect & Interiors India

Sanitaryware and flushing systems

Sanitaryware and flushing systems are making bathrooms dynamic by infusing aesthetics and practicality. The diverse product portfolio of best-in-class solutions for bathrooms, thoughtfully created with specific needs of consumers ranging from functional to luxurious, is rustling up the sanitaryware and flushing systems space. The coexistence and balance of aesthetics and practicality in sanitaryware and flushing… Read More Sanitaryware and flushing systems

Architect & Interiors India

Cladding in Architecture

Adding a unique appeal to the face value of a building, cladding solutions achieve more than just giving an aesthetic facelift. Cladding is used for different purposes, including creating a control inside the environment, securing the building from outside climatic conditions, avoiding the transmission of sound, giving thermal insulation, and making strides appearance of buildings.… Read More Cladding in Architecture

Deccan Chronicle

Male Chauvanism

A recent matrimonial ad by a man has drawn the ire of people with its weird specific list of requirements. An advertisement posted by a man seeking a bride on a matrimonial site found a spot in social media for all the wrong reasons. The man said he was seeking “a woman who was 5’2″… Read More Male Chauvanism