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Decoding Relationship Signs

There are many things that happen between couples that are normal but are perceived as toxic, so where do you draw the line? Couple relationships can be complex and when you look at it as an outsider, there could be many things that can be construed as problem areas when they are normal. Two individuals… Read More Decoding Relationship Signs

Deccan Chronicle

Wordle: Love Affair with Words

The wildly popular word game Wordle, has a sweet love story angle to it and there are many other versions of the game online. A random search on Google on ‘Wordle’ returned about 1,60,00,00,000 results in 0.48seconds. While you can play Wordle only once a day, there are many other versions that are now available.… Read More Wordle: Love Affair with Words

The New Indian Express

Have a Seat with limón

Dressing chairs with saris and upholstery fabric in custom tones, limón is a brand that merges Indian aesthetics with modern sensibilities. Aradhana Anand, Creative Director & Owner, limón spent 12 years in the corporate space, initially with a bank and then as a ship broker living and working between Delhi, Dubai, and Singapore. She felt… Read More Have a Seat with limón

Seema Magazine

Aishwarya Guptha – Wondr Diamonds

A diamond may be a girl’s best friend, but when it is ethically made, it just takes things a notch higher. The concept of lab grown diamonds is intriguing for sure. However, it is also something that is the need of the hour considering how our mines are depleting and the risk associated with mining.… Read More Aishwarya Guptha – Wondr Diamonds

Seema Magazine

Joules by Radhika

Joules by Radhika is an eponymous brand of luxurious jewelry for women who loves to feel and look royal. A luxury fashion jewelry brand based in Mumbai, Joules By Radhika has an extensive collection of contemporary and western jewelry that matches aesthetics of jewelry with Radhika Chitalia’s passion for design. JBR entered the business of… Read More Joules by Radhika

Deccan Chronicle

Face Oils – a primer

If you are looking for a great way to moisturize your face, look beyond facial creams and opt for face oils. Facial oils are in the limelight as they come with a promise to treat different concerns for getting a healthy shine back. And with the winter dryness continuing, it could be the facial elixir… Read More Face Oils – a primer


Ruhab Spa Review

Spa treatments that are inspired by your zodiac sign aptly called Horospa is what you can experience at Ruhab at Fairmont, Jaipur. On a recent visit to the Pink City of Jaipur, I stayed at the plush Fairmont Jaipur and checked out the in-house spa Ruhab that offers a slew of wellness therapies including a… Read More Ruhab Spa Review


Customs Museum Goa

One might be familiar with the Customs counters at international airports but a museum that is dedicated to the department is as intriguing as it is interesting. Taking a walk in Panjim, after a tour of Fontainhas, I was admiring the architecture of the buildings here when I spotted a sign that read Customs Museum.… Read More Customs Museum Goa

Deccan Chronicle

Turtle Conservator: Arunima Singh

Arunima Singh has done pioneering work in the conservation of turtles, tortoises, crocodilians, and Gangetic dolphins. She has to her credit rescued over 25000 turtles and done much work in the field of conservation of these aquatic animals. Established assurance colonies for 13 species and breeding colonies for 8 threatened North Indian turtle species. Developed… Read More Turtle Conservator: Arunima Singh

Architectural Digest

Aparna Kaushik Design Group Office Space

Aparna Kaushik Design Group office in Noida is a meticulouslyconceptualized office that reflects the firm’s design aesthetics, an expression of their vision for the spaces we want to create. One of the most important aspirations in realizing this project was to create a working environment that is an extension of the people working init. The… Read More Aparna Kaushik Design Group Office Space