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Fairy Hair

Fairy Hair or hair tinsel is a concept that debuted in the 90’s and has made a strong comeback in today’s times. If you are looking to add some magic to glam up your hair look/hairstyle, especially for a special occasion or a festival, there is a way to add an element of tinsel with… Read More Fairy Hair

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Gut Friendly Recipes

Gut health has recently acquired a newfound importance with people calling the gut your second brain. The gut is a unique microbiome that impacts emotional well-being, building immunity and weight regulation. Gut health has become prominent over the years as it can be largely controlled by what you eat. Remember that the gut is not… Read More Gut Friendly Recipes

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Pre-teen Skin Care

Taking care of the skin early prepares one in dealing with possible skin issues in the future. A pre-teen, skincare routine as per your skin type helps you to take care of acne problems, brown spots, wrinkles, formation of enlarged pores and more and hence it is best to invest in early skincare. Teenagers are… Read More Pre-teen Skin Care

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The Park Indore

A stay at The Park Indore is a sensorial experience that combines delectable food, luxurious stay, relaxing activities, and unlimited fun. I have been to Indore only as a transit destination to Mandu and was always intrigued by the city. After all this is the city that has won the cleanest city in India award… Read More The Park Indore

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Ar. Anupriya Sahu, Founder and Design Head, Alankaram

Ar. Anupriya Sahu, Founder and Design Head, Alankaram, M.P., a leading home-grown furniture design studio merges indigenous design with contemporary finesse. Alankaram, India’s leading home-grown furniture design studio that amalgamates indigenous design with contemporary finesse. It is a pioneer in custom-made furniture design, blending rich craftsmanship and functionality to create timeless designs. In less than… Read More Ar. Anupriya Sahu, Founder and Design Head, Alankaram

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Ice Cream recipes

Ice cream is the go-to option to beat the sweltering summer heat and the best part is that it can also be made at home. A combination of fresh cream, milk and sugar, ice cream is a dessert that is always a winner. The best part is that it can be combined with several kinds… Read More Ice Cream recipes

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Midlife Fitness

As you grow older and reach midlife, there are noticeable changes in your fitness and energy levels, and this is when you must be mindful. Fitness is important at every stage in our lives, but it becomes particularly important at midlife because we start experiencing fatigue, low motivation, insomnia, anxiety, and depression, to name a… Read More Midlife Fitness