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The ‘Invisible’ Waste Pickers

BBCMA has recently launched a campaign called #InvaluableRecyclers, initiative to highlight the role and contribution of informal waste pickers in Bengaluru’s circular economy. Bengaluru is India’s Silicon Valley and home to over 22,500 informal waste pickers, who form the backbone of city’s waste management system. They ensure only non-recyclable materials end up at the already overflowing landfills. Eminent residents… Read More The ‘Invisible’ Waste Pickers

Deccan Chronicle

Cooking with Leaves

Cooking with leaves not just enhances the flavour profile of a dish but also adds a healthy twist to it. Cooking with leaves has been a traditional way of making many kinds of food across the country. Banana leaves, for instance, contain a large amount of polyphenols which are natural antioxidants enriched with several nutrients… Read More Cooking with Leaves

Luxury Lifestyle Magazine UK

Tranquil Resort, Wayanad

Tranquil Resort, a plantation resort in Wayanad in Kerala is the perfect way to have a holiday that is all about relaxation ensconced in nature. This is a 126 year-old heritage, the property in Kuppamudi Estate was originally owned and run by the British plantation pioneers and then sold to Dutch entrepreneurs post-independence and eventually… Read More Tranquil Resort, Wayanad

Deccan Chronicle

Monsoon Skin Care

Monsoon means your skin needs extra care so that it does not suffer from breakouts and acne and a good skin and hair care routine is of paramount importance. Everyone’s skin is different, so it is important to understand what works for you and what does not. Skincare is very personal so listen to your… Read More Monsoon Skin Care

The Chakkar

Ode to Nineteenth Century India

Company Painting-Visual Memoirs of Nineteenth Century India is a hybrid style of painting that merges Indian miniature paintings with the realism of European paintings. Do you know how Indians lived in the 19th century? Do you want to understand how Europeans influenced Indians and their living styles in this period? If you answered yes to… Read More Ode to Nineteenth Century India


Sweet Karam Coffee

Sweet Karam Coffee is a website that is a one stop shop when it comes to all things India and rightfully calls itself India’s Home Food Store. The main categories on the site include Janmashtami Spl (for the upcoming festival), Sweets & Snacks, Beverages, Masalas & Instant Mixes, Pickles, Papads & Fryums, Daily Essentials Store… Read More Sweet Karam Coffee

Deccan Chronicle

The Child Factor

Having children or not has become the hot point of discussion even as the likes of Sadhgaru and Elok Musk giving contrasting points of view that has stirred the hornet’s nest. Children seem to have occupied a top spot in several discussions in the recent past. Upasana Kamineni Konidela, entrepreneur and philanthropist, in a conversation… Read More The Child Factor

Deccan Chronicle

Mewari Cuisine

Mewari cuisine has an interesting texture of flavours and taste that makes it as unique as it is interesting on your palate. On a recent trip to Udaipur, I visited the beautiful property, Shikarbadi Hotel by HRH Group of Hotels for dinner. This was my second visit here but in a different season. The monsoon… Read More Mewari Cuisine

Fair Planet

RoundGlass Foundation in Punjab

The Foundation is running its ‘Plants for Punjab’ initiative, which aims to plant one billion trees in the state in the next 25 years, which will increase its forest cover by 10-12%. RoundGlass Foundation is planting mini forests by mobilizing community support through gram Panchayats and Youth Clubs. Here are some of its recent milestones:… Read More RoundGlass Foundation in Punjab

Aspire Magazine

Jeremy Harbour Interview

Jeremy Harbour Founder, The Harbour Club provides experiential training to entrepreneurs for buying, fixing, and selling businesses. An entrepreneur who has changed notions of business, Jeremy Harbour is an author, professor and businessman all rolled into one. He bought a company without really putting any capital and went from about 20 staff and about a… Read More Jeremy Harbour Interview