Architect & Interiors India

Smart Bathrooms

Over the last few years, there has been a growing need for intuitive solutions that allow consumers to immerse themselves in their time in the bathroom. Technological innovations have not just brought better designs, but optimum hygiene, enhanced comfort and even new materials used in the composition of products. The new launches in the bathroom… Read More Smart Bathrooms

Zee Zest

Yoga from Yoga Masters

Yoga has for long been a great way to stay fit, holistically. And this is now even more important as the world continues its fight against the coronavirus. The Yoga Make Space collection from adidas has been consciously crafted, inspired by the elements of nature and aims to support through every move and practice, with… Read More Yoga from Yoga Masters

Seema Magazine

Poached Lobster, Star Anise-Infused Mango Jello, Avocado Mousse and Black Olive Puree

Cooking a restaurant style dish for a special occasion can add a zing to your celebrations and this dish does just that. When you want to make a restaurant style dish, often you may be confused as to how to go about it. This dish will help you create a great looking and tasting dish… Read More Poached Lobster, Star Anise-Infused Mango Jello, Avocado Mousse and Black Olive Puree

Fair Planet

Electric Vehicles in India

Rising fuel costs, changing climate trends and vehicular pollution are making a strong case for the adoption of electric vehicles (e-vehicles) in India. With an increasing population whose demand for vehicles is growing exponentially and conventional energy resources getting expensive, EVs are the way forward. Coupled with the fact that India imports close to 80%… Read More Electric Vehicles in India

Architectural Digest

AMPM Pune Home

AMPM Designs have done up this luxurious Pune home that is spread over 8000 sq. ft. that is an ode to minimalism. The 3F Penthouse in Pune has been designed as a plush home, with a monochrome approach, that is intentionally not very colourful and has a hint of gold. This is a three storied… Read More AMPM Pune Home