Diwali Food

The one Hindu festival that bring us fond memories of festive celebrations is Diwali. This festival of lights is symbolic to the victory of good over evil. In today’s day and age as much as there is history and tradition that is celebrated during festivals, food has definitely taken a spot light and plays a… Read More Diwali Food

Seema Magazine

New Age Diwali Sweets

As the festive season approaches, food is on the menu and there is a definite movement towards making desserts contemporary too. Experimenting with traditional food to give it a new age contemporary twist, whether in terms of ingredients, presentation or cooking methods is something that is afoot in the food and beverage industry. What this… Read More New Age Diwali Sweets

Deccan Chronicle

Pizza Recipes

A much-loved dish by people of all age groups, Pizza may have origins in Italy but has taken on numerous forms to please different palates. Everyone knows that Pizza was originally created in Italy, it is believed to have had its origins in Egypt and Greece when flatbread with toppings were cooked. However, the modern… Read More Pizza Recipes

Fair Planet

Fishing Cats

The fishing cat is arguably one of the most elusive as well as one of the most misunderstood wild cats in India. Typically found in mangroves and marsh lands, the fishing cat is almost double the size of a regular house cat but is far smaller than other wild cats. While its name is fishing… Read More Fishing Cats