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Teenage Skin Care

Teen skin is delicate and hence it is very important that they use the right kind of skin care products so that their skin is protected from any long term damage. As teenagers have sensitive skin, it is vital to make sure that they use the right kind of skin care and makeup products. The… Read More Teenage Skin Care

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Buddha Bowls

Buddha Bowls are becoming popular for not just being wholesome and healthy but also convenient as they pack a punch in many ways. Buddha Bowl meals are meticulously crafted, nutritionally balanced meals that offer a harmonious combination of essential nutrients. These all-in-one dishes encompass a wealth of protein, cooked grains, wholesome fats, roasted vegetables, crisp vegetables, fragrant… Read More Buddha Bowls

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Tea Day Recipes

International tea Day is celebrated on May 21 every year but did you know that tea can also be used to make some lip smacking dishes? India’s favourite beverage tea or chai as it is called is not just a drink but has found its way into menus as well. Chefs across the country have… Read More Tea Day Recipes

Luxury Facts

Wardrobe Décor

Wardrobes may be an essential utility in a home but it does not mean that they cannot add to the décor of the space. One needs to start with listing all their requirements and customising the inner carcass wardrobe as per anthropometry /requirements. The perfect wardrobe is not the most aesthetically appealing but the one… Read More Wardrobe Décor

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Kosgoda Turtle Conservation

On recent visit to Sri Lanka, I stayed at Jetwing Saman Villas a boutique property in Bentota. Eager to explore the surroundings, I found out that Kosgoda nearby is home to several turtle conservation centers and my driver brought me to Victor Hasselblad Sea Turtle Research and Conservation Centre that started in 1978. “This is… Read More Kosgoda Turtle Conservation


Moms and Mutual Funds

Mom and mutual funds are more alike than you think. Well that might have caught you a little off guard so let me explain what I mean. Mutual funds are a category of investments that are managed by professional fund managers who look after a pool of money by investing it in accordance with the… Read More Moms and Mutual Funds