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Bentota Travelogue

A beach town in Sri Lanka, Bentota has many secrets up its sleeve that are waiting to be discovered one at a time. Bentota however is a great destination as it is the home of famed architect Geoffrey Bawa. “You can visit Lunuganga, his home and gardens if you make a prior booking as there… Read More Bentota Travelogue

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Eye Makeup

It is said your eyes can do all the talking and when you use the right kind of eye makeup, it can enhance your look even more. Eye makeup can help enhance the beauty of your eyes and make them look more prominent. Some of the essential eye makeup items and how to use them… Read More Eye Makeup

Architectural Digest

Earthy Woven Café 

Ar. Suhani lal Sanghra, Principal architect of Sparc Design and her team have designed a vegetarian café with a design ethos to match. With a client brief to create an an all day vegetarian café cum restaurant -with a time constraint of 60 days and a conservative budget , we began designing the “Earthy woven… Read More Earthy Woven Café 

Luxury Facts

CGH Mantra Koodam

A visit to CGH Mantra Koodam in Kumbakonam offers the rare opportunity to explore art, culture, history, spirituality and cuisine all in one place. A serene getaway, Mantra Koodam is the best way to see the temple town of Kumbakonam. Whether you want to take a refreshing dip into the crystal blue waters of the… Read More CGH Mantra Koodam

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Be as fit as an athelete

If you have noticed how athletes train and wished to incorporate some part of that fitness regimen into your workout, help is here. Identify the sport(s) you’re interested in: First, determine which sports interest you and align with your fitness goals. For example, if you want to improve cardiovascular endurance, running or swimming may be… Read More Be as fit as an athelete

Seema Magazine

Goan Recipes

Goan cuisine is characterized by its unique blend of flavors, influenced by Portuguese, Hindu, and Muslim cultures. It is known for its spicy and tangy taste, the use of coconut, seafood, and kokum as key ingredients. The coastal state of Goa is known for its unique cuisine that largely comprises seafood, being on the Arabian sea.… Read More Goan Recipes

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Wasabi Tacos

Cinco de Mayo is a yearly celebration held on May 5 to celebrate Mexico’s victory over the Second French Empire at the Battle of Puebla in 1862 and to celebrate this occasion here is a recipe with a South Asian twist. Wasabi Tacos is perfect appetizer which combines traditional Mexican flavors with Asian inspired ingredients.… Read More Wasabi Tacos