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Lip Balms

Lip Balms are made with nourishing ingredients that help provide deep moisture and hydration to the lips. They are formulated to create a protective barrier over the lips that safeguard them from external damage and restores moisture. Plant-based oils such as castor oil, mineral oil, and moisturizers such as shea butter, also form a part… Read More Lip Balms

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Monsoon Mayhem in India

The 2023 monsoons in India have come with a trail of destruction as there have been rivers in spate and life thrown out of gear. This year India has seen torrential rains in its monsoons. Rivers that have consistently breached their danger levels have overflown into cities, dams have bene opened and cities are now… Read More Monsoon Mayhem in India

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Fitness Post 60

While exercise is generally beneficial for individuals above 60, there are exercises that may pose higher risks or be unsuitable for certain individuals. Avoid exercises involving repetitive jumping or intense pounding on the joints, such as running or high-impact aerobics, as they may strain the joints and increase the risk of injury. Opt for low-impact… Read More Fitness Post 60

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Cashmere Cushions

Cashmere cushions are a popular decor item made from the soft and luxurious cashmere wool. Cashmere is a type of wool that comes from the undercoat of the cashmere goat, which is known for its fine and soft fibres. Cashmere wool is highly prized for its warmth, softness, and durability, and is often used to… Read More Cashmere Cushions

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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

While hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) can be beneficial for many individuals, there are certain situations where it may not be recommended or should be approached with caution. HBOT should be administered under the guidance and supervision of a qualified healthcare professional. Here are some instances where HBOT may be contraindicated or require careful evaluation: These… Read More Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

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Celebrating the Tiger

International Tiger Day is July 29 and India being home to the largest population of these majestic animals has several reserves that are your best bet to see the animal. Here are some of India’s best tiger reserves: Post the recent tiger census that has revealed a healthy rise in numbers curtesy Project Tiger, there… Read More Celebrating the Tiger