Deccan Chronicle

Zero Waste Cooking

There is a good chance of leftovers when consuming food. So, one can be creative with leftovers and instead of throwing leftovers in the dustbin one can transform them into new dishes. For example, leftover vegetables can be turned into a stir-fry and leftover rice can be made into fried rice. Vegetable scraps, fruit peels,… Read More Zero Waste Cooking

India Currents

Raksha Bandhan 2023

Raksha Bandhan is celebrated on the full moon day in the Hindu calendar month of Shravana which typically falls in August. The festival means a knot of protection coming from the words Raksha which means protection and Bandhan which means to tie. Celebrated by Hindus in the northern and western parts of India, Jains (where… Read More Raksha Bandhan 2023

Seema Magazine

Achari Mushroom Samosa

A twist on the traditional samosa, this crispy flaky delicacy has a filling comprising pickledspiced mushrooms. The combination of the spiced mushroom filling and the crispy pastry makes these samosasa tasty and satisfying treat for those looking for something different and flavorful. Firoz Hossain, Executive Chef, LMNO_Q shares this recipe. Read the full story that… Read More Achari Mushroom Samosa

Fair Planet

Deforestation in India

Deforestation in India is rising at alarming levels and is a key contributor to climate change, the effects of which are now increasingly visible in the country. Deforestation is a reality that one cannot deny. However there are a number of efforts that can help undo some of the damage.Animal agriculture is a leading cause… Read More Deforestation in India

Luxury Facts

Ayatana Ooty

Ayatana Ooty is set amidst a huge expanse of lush tea gardens that makes it a one of its kind holiday experience. Ooty is a destination that has always been a personal favourite primarily because it has been one of my trip to the hills. Specifically, the blue Nilgiri mountains have always charmed me with… Read More Ayatana Ooty


Conserving Corals

Coastal Impact, a non-government organisation in Goa, has just completed a coral micro-fragmentation transplantation project that seeks to rejuvenate coral reefs. Coastal Impact is an organization that works on marine conservation, education and research; studies and monitors Goa’s marine ecosystems, spreads awareness; and initiates research and conservation actions. It also helps build interest and engagement… Read More Conserving Corals