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Swaminathan Ramanathan

Swaminathan Ramji passion of model making goes over 60 years of experience. Craftizan is headed by Shabbir Vagh of VAGH group Mysore and has more than 50 employees at its Mysore center A dream was realized in November 2018 when Swaminathan Ramji Creatives Model Making Company came into existence. A young and dynamic organization with… Read More Swaminathan Ramanathan

The Tribune

New Age Inflight Meals

Inflight food is getting a trendy makeover as airlines are now offering a variety of new age inflight meals that are adding to the on board experience. Inflight menus are being revamped to cater to the new age, well-heeled traveller who have an appetite for good food even when they are thousands of feet above… Read More New Age Inflight Meals

Seema Magazine

Zeb Bangash

Zeb is a student of Ustaad Naseeruddin Saami, a rare master of the centuries-old Delhi Gharana and foloower of the 49 note sruti system. Bangash is the force behind the Healing Khayal a project of the The Centre for Cultural Vibrancy in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Homayra Ziad from John Hopkins University. With her soulful… Read More Zeb Bangash

Deccan Chronicle

Delectable Desserts

It’s the season for all things sweet as this is when the festive mood kicks off in the country, so let’s celebrate before with some amazing desserts. Often called the best part of a meal, desserts have always caught the fancy of people – especially those with a sweet tooth. Fans of desserts will go… Read More Delectable Desserts



BeUni LLP is a United States-based brand renowned for delivering premium-quality products, including adhesives, tapes, and chemicals, tailored to the needs of active professionals in the Hair System Industry. With BeUni, you can bid farewell to those vexing bad hair days and usher in a consistently flawless appearance. Our extensive range of adhesive removers, adhesives,… Read More BeUni LLP

Our Bangalore

BBMP Cracks the Whip

Restaurant safety has come under the scanner of the Government after the Mudpipe Café incident that has prompted the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) to swing into action. BBMP has ordered the closing down of 21 pubs and restaurants in the city and issued notices to 167 others for flouting various regulations including those related… Read More BBMP Cracks the Whip

Our Bangalore

Zen Interiors

There is a new trend when architects and interior experts are designing for mindfulness by infusing zen principles into homes. In a world pulsating with the hustle and bustle, finding tranquillity amid chaos is akin to discovering a precious gem. Envision a space adorned with plush cushions, encouraging moments of stillness. Incorporate elements like wind… Read More Zen Interiors

The New Indian Express

KINTEM a nod to traditional Naga textiles

KINTEM is a social enterprise promoting contemporary Naga textiles and the traditional Naga weaving technique Loin loom a.k.a back strap weaving. Prior to joining this initiative, most of these talented individuals would weave traditional mekhalas and shawls from scratch, crafting the same 2-3 designs for decades. The craftspeople are at the forefront of our organization, as… Read More KINTEM a nod to traditional Naga textiles

Architectural Digest

YBJ Residence

Mcasa studio is practicing young Architects in Mumbai with keen eye on designing bespoke spaces with absolute functional and aesthetic touch to it. They believe that not only design & end result is importantbut the kind of experience we give our client throughout the design till execution process is utmost important to us. This is… Read More YBJ Residence