5 reasons to start booking your next holiday now

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Booking a holiday is stressful for some people but by booking in advance, you will reap plenty of benefits. Although being spontaneous is always fun, there is also many reasons to book sooner. Here are five reasons to start booking your next holiday now.

You can score good deals

Perhaps the best reason to book your holiday now is that you will get the best deals. Travelling is expensive, as echoed by 1Cover, and leaving it until the last minute could see prices soar for things such as flights and accommodation – for the former, long-haul flights go up dramatically in price if you leave it too long.

And booking early means you will also be able to search around for other deals for things such as activities, dinners and day trips. Book far enough in advance and you will be able to scoop up the most deals and savings, whilst also having the added bonus of being organised.

Leaving it too late means you have to settle for second best

Many people do like leaving their booking until the last minute – after all, spontaneity is always fun. But it is also important to remember that leaving it too late could mean you have to settle for second best, in that you might miss out on getting good deals, or things you want to see/try will be fully booked by the time you come to organise it.

Many attractions around the world, from Anne Frank’s house in Amsterdam to Broadway shows in New York City, can quickly get booked up before you have a chance to get tickets. Booking in advance will avoid this disappointment.


You will have time to research the perfect destination

Although you may be spurred to spontaneously book a holiday to anywhere, taking time to research a destination and make sure it is right for you will give you the advantage of ensuring it truly is the right place for you. There is nothing worse than arriving at your destination just to be disappointed at what awaits.

Giving yourself time to carefully consider and configure your holiday means you can scope out the perfect destination and then plan things such as accommodation and activities without having to rush it.


There is time to ask people if they want to join

Booking a spontaneous trip might be an issue for people if you want them to come with you. A lot of people need to save to be able to travel, so springing a surprise trip upon them may mean they are unable to attend.

Instead, gather your group and discuss plans far in advance. This way, you will be able to design the right holiday for everyone whilst also ensuring everyone will be able to afford it.

If you are travelling with a large group, you can expect people’s wants and needs to be different. Booking in advance gives you time to work everything out fairly – you may even begin to create a loose itinerary that takes everyone’s interests into account. 


You have something to look forward to

Best of all, booking a holiday far in advance gives you something in the future to look forward to. If you are feeling stressed or negative about something at home, looking forward to your upcoming travel experience will alleviate some of that stress and keep you pushing forward. The only downside to this is the post-holiday blues you’ll inevitably feel once you are home – but that’s more motivation to book another holiday as soon as you return.

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