A Case for Art Conservation

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Preservation of Art is nothing short of a complex science and involves a balance of ethics, integrity and conservation.

It is a bright morning in Udaipur when I make my way to the conservation lab located in the City Palace Museum, Udaipur. Bypassing boards marked ‘No Entry’ (this lab being out of bounds for tourists) I enter the lab to see a small group of dedicated conservators working painstakingly on what appears to be a set of large paintings.

Suction table being used for treatment of paintings
Suction table being used for treatment of paintings

While the plans for the Conservation Laboratory at The City Palace Museum, Udaipur were conceptualized in 2015-2016, the structural restoration of the selected space commenced in 2017 and the laboratory became fully functional in January 2018. The Conservation Laboratory has been set up not just to cater to the collections of the Museum but also serve as a centre of expertise and knowledge sharing with national and international institutions. 

Read the full story that first appeared in Vistara’s inflight magazine July-August 2021 issue here:

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