A Love Affair with Corals

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Thomas and Marie, a Maldivian French couple are helping marine life by ensuring corals are getting a new lease of life and turtles are being conserved through their organization Reefscapers.

Only Earth, a plant-based milk brand launched in May 2021 has been spreading its presence across India through retail, online, and HORECA Channels. Kunal Mutha’s passion for a vegan lifestyle, climate change, and animal cruelty led him to venture into a plant-based food and beverage business.

They have teamed up with Reefscapers to start propagating corals and restoring coral reefs on the locally inhabited island of Fulhadhoo in the Maldives. Climate change is happening in front of our eyes. Globally, the 20 warmest years on record have all occurred in the last 22 years. One million species are at risk of extinction, with immense detrimental effects on human life.

The Reefscapers international team of marine biologists has been working on marine environmental projects for 20 years. From humble beginnings back in 2001, the husband and wife co-founders Thomas and Marie have expanded to work on projects up and down the Maldives and internationally.

Reefscapers - coral frame monitoring
Reefscapers – coral frame monitoring

Together, Only Earth and Reefscapers are planning the construction and transplantation of a new artificial reef structure consisting of 30 coral frames. This is timed to follow the seasonally hottest part of the year (February to May) as newly transplanted coral fragments are particularly vulnerable to elevated ocean temperatures and more susceptible to coral bleaching.

By starting their new, wide-spread coral propagation project on July 21, together they are giving coral fragments the best chance to encrust onto their frames and to start growing, well before the seasonally elevated ocean temperatures in 2022.

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