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A Nursery that is an Ode to Childhood

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Upasana Kamineni Konidela is a third generation entrepreneur (Apollo Hospitals), philanthropist and wife of superstar Ram Charan. 

Recently the couple became parents a baby girl Klin Kaara. Apollo Hospitals has built a dedicated wing for the family, which has been artistically designed by Pavitra Rajaram. She has also designed an exclusive custom print for the baby that reflects Telangana’s deep cultural heritage while also considering the parents’ preferences.

Apollo Hospital Suites
The birthing suite has a very calming and neutral palette inspired by wellness and goodness inspired by natural world. Soft textured materials, layered neutrals, gentle curves with warmth of pale wood and rattan. Inspired by the calmness of Buddhist architecture. To create a restful modern sanctuary.

Temple Tree Nursery
The design for the nursery delves into that aspect of serenity within unbound happiness. The colour palette is inspired by soft and calming pastel tones, offset by playful elements for a child like innocence. The use of natural materials in various elements make this nursery a reflection of the landscape of the site it is situated in, almost like an introduction to the baby about its surrounding habitat, and the world it will inhabit in the future. The couple’s love for wildlife and natural elements was translated into a custom wallpaper, which depicts ‘Van Vaibhav’ an important concept in Indian tradition. It means the splendor of the forest. There are innumerable shlokas celebrating the splendor of the sun, the moon, the stars, the birds and the animals.

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