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Adukale – an ode to Sankethi Cuisine

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Sankethi cuisine is as unique as it can get being a cuisine that draws influences from South Indian states.

The flavours and flavour profile of Sankethi cuisine make it unique and when you eat it you know its tastes similar, yet you will find something different. A key attribute of the cuisine is in the proportion that the various ingredients are used that gives the dishes their distinct flavour and taste. One of their characteristic dishes is Menasu Kootu that is made with black gram dal, coriander, pepper, red chillies and copra and is combined with vegetables to create a thick curry that can be enjoyed with rice and chapatis.

Nucchina Unde
Nucchina Unde

In order to bring the cuisine to the forefront, Bharat’s parents (M. S. Ravindra and Nagaratna Ravindra and Bharat’s aunt Malathi Sharma) decided to market the various dishes under the brand name Adukale. What started from their kitchen in 2009 making rasam powder is today a strong 50 plus product mix that includes ready to eat food, snacks, powders and more. Since there is not much documentation around these recipes that have mainly been handed down from one generation to the next, the family decided to share these recipes through the various products they have.

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