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Adult Children & Parent’s Property

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Adult children who are not employed are increasingly taking their parents to court for personal maintenance expenses.

A few weeks ago, a UK Court dismissed a petition by Faiz Siddiqui, 41, who lost his court battle to force his wealthy parents to pay him maintenance for life. In the ruling Lord Justice Underhill ruled, “parents should be under no legal duty to support their adult children, however grave their need.” Despite being Oxford educated and a qualified solicitor Siddiqui has not worked since 2011 and lived rent-free for years in a £1million flat near Hyde Park, London, owned by his parents who reduced support after a fall-out.

In India, there are various laws that throw light on the maintenance of children and parents. As per Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act 1956, fathers and earning mothers must maintain children until they reach the majority. But after maintaining the majority and being eligible to earn and can maintain themselves cannot seek maintenance or sue in a court of law.

Read the full story that first appeared in Deccan Chronicle dated Nov 11, 2021 here and here:

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