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Alfresco Dining

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Alfresco Dining is coming to the forefront in the post pandemic phase as eating out in open spaces are being preferred.

From Sidewalk Dining, Patio Dining, Rooftop Dining and Garden Dining, outdoor dining has become very popular post pandemic. After all, the lure of fresh air and a cool breeze when you dine can hardly compare to dining in cramped and closed spaces.

Many hotels and restaurants have come up with the concept of open-air dining so that the outlet does not feel congested nor, so the guests feel uncomfortable. The best part about Alfresco dining is that it is cost effective as investors invest a huge amount for the ambience of a restaurant as the surroundings plays a vital role as guests would be having their meal while connecting with nature, seeing the surroundings.

Apas Promenade_ITC Grand Bharat
Apas Promenade_ITC Grand Bharat

The pandemic put in a lot of restrictions on the indoor seating capacity in restaurants to implement safe distancing norms. This led hotels and restaurants to innovate and look for new ways to increase outdoor seating space without compromising on sanitisation and hygiene protocols. Alfresco dining was always popular among guests at the retreat as they enjoy the open environs that we offer however, post the pandemic preference for outdoor seating has increased which has led hoteliers to expand restaurant seating outdoors.

While the idea of alfresco is not a new one, it has gained significance in the post-pandemic world owing to various reasons. Most indoor spaces have limitations in terms of seating capacity and proper ventilation. Outdoor spaces allow restaurateurs to add more seating area while also offering the guests who seek non air-conditioned and open spaces, the psychological comfort of social distancing.

With the advent of alfresco dining, entertainment has also taken a new turn. Many patrons are shifting from head banging DJ music to a more soothing live band. The entertainment space has seen more engaging activities such as stand-up comedy, karaoke, and open mic sessions with an outdoor setting.

Now more than ever, outdoor dining is crucial to the success of food and beverage outlets and hotels are working on adding new open spaces or ensuring new hotels have adequate al fresco options.

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