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All About Aluminium

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Aluminium often called the ‘the Metal of the Future’ has widespread application across various segments of construction.

As per industry estimates, the current market size of the façade industry in India is Rs. 15,000 Cr with expected annual growth rate of 20% in 2019-2025. The major drivers of the industry have been growth in real estate in the country, increased commercial construction, urbanization, key government projects like Smart Cities, urban housing projects and the like.

Vedanta Products_Billets
Vedanta Products_Billets

Common uses of aluminium in the modern construction industry include long-span roof systems, taking advantage of the metal’s high ductility to create consistent and durable forms over wide areas. Aluminium is an excellent component of exterior facades and cladding systems, while aluminium alloys have the strength to support heavy glass spans while facilitating new and exciting shapes, giving rise to many of the tallest and most innovative skyscrapers now populating the skylines of the world’s premier cities.

This story first appeared in Architects & Interiors Magazine’s August 2020 issue here:

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