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A unique combination of medical science and philosophy, Ayurveda, that shows one art of living, and the science of life comes from the words Ayu (meaning life) and Veda (meaning science). This science has a fundamental ethos of ensuring it protects the health of a healthy person and cures the disease of a sick person.

Ayurveda seeks to create a balance of the doshas ‘Vata, Pitta & Kapha’ in the human body by managing the daily routine ‘dinacharya’ of an individual.

People with Vata Prakruti are usually physically lean built, have brittle nails, thin or dry hair, dry skin, weal and stammering voices, hard and constipated bowels, irregular appetite, intolerance to cold and dry climate. Mentally they usually report disturbed sleep, fearful, irrelevant speech, unstable belief, and emotions.

People with Pitta Prakruti are of moderate build, have soft pink nails, grey and thin hair, smooth skin, commanding and sharp voice, loose bowels, high appetite, and intolerance to hot climate. Mentally, they are impatient, have moderate sleep, argue, are sharp and have a clear memory, stable belief, and aggressive emotions.

Individuals with the Kapha Prakruti are well built, have a bulked-up physique, thick and white nails, dark strong hair, oily skin, sweet and resonating voice, normal bowels, poor appetite, intolerance to cold and damp climate. Mentally, they have a good temper and are easy going, indulge in
excessive sleep, are soft spoken, have a good memory, are lazy, calm and have constant beliefs.

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