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Anti Viral Fabrics

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As the country ups the ante to battle COVID-19, there have been a slew of textile and apparel launches that can help you combat the virus. There are a slew of textile and apparel options that can help you combat the virus.

Somesh Singh, Co-founder, Craft Village and India Craft Week, and Former Professor at National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad has developed CoVest. This jacket has a body temperature display, SD+ Sensor that helps in altering the behaviour as the wearer as well as the person crossing a distance of two meters from any side is alerted.


If you don’t want to wear it, spread it. Anti-microbial bed sheets from Swaas are sustainable and protect well from infections.

PPE’s may have their benefits but they’re an environmental hazard. Looking at this, Sasha Bose, CEO, Nano Chemiqs decided to harness nanotechnology to launch an AntiViral JumpSuit that can be worn for long hours without sweating or dehydration.

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