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Anusha Dandekar’s Brownskin Beauty

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Anusha Dandekar, Celebrity & Co-Founder of Brownskin Beauty talks about all things beauty and why it is important to change the beauty narrative around brown skin.

The brand BrownSkin that she has co-founded with Gaurav Kumar has launched its winter care essentials Brown Bakery.

Brown Bakery Full Range
Brown Bakery Full Range

She says, “The range was specific to our winters, the weather is drying and I wanted a light but really great moisture kick for the skin which feels and smells naturally delicious! I wanted something that didn’t leave your skin feeling greasy or sticky… something that your skin just ate up and loved!”

The honey, cinnamon, and vanilla extract are key ingredients that help in healing and rejuvenating skin. Some of us BrownSkin Beauties tend to get nervous about over-moisturizing skin when we have oily or acne-prone skin but honey and cinnamon is good for that and for dry skin, it has shea butter, Cacao Seed Butter, Avocado oil, making it multi-functional, well-balanced products that can help fight different skin problems such as stretch marks, uneven skin tone, patchy skin and helps all skin types feel that glow you are looking for in winter.

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