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Art Show – dayDREAM

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Art aesthetics is a tricky topic to crack and it is something that may have you foxed. However this weekend help is at hand. dayDREAM in association with Chairs & Company and Art o’er Tea on the 29th of November 2019 is all set to take you on a visual journey of modern times discovering art from the different corners of the globe. The show will showcase the first viewing of famous photographer Prasad Naik and Manish Mansinh’s work in Bangalore. The venture from Prasad Naik and graphic designer Manish Mansinh showcases work that spans everything from exotic destinations and whimsical fashion to bold typography and playful illustrations. Manish Mansinh, Co-founder of dayDREAM Prints says, “most of the work I do is spontaneous, when something triggers or inspires me. The inspiration is not always directly related to the work I produce.  Good aesthetic work is a great inspiration irrespective of it being a piece of art, craft, graphic design, architecture, product design, typography, movies or anything else (visual inspirations).” Art for Manish is personally an addiction and something he does for pleasure and recreation. “Professionally, I want see more beautiful walls, more beautiful homes and more beautiful spaces,” he adds.


Prasad Naik, Co-founder of dayDREAM prints is also showcasing his collection which is about sharing his travel experience by freezing moments. “It is my journey of streets around the world. Moments of travel experience, a peek into a city life which is raw and untouched is what you will see,” explains Naik. The decision to choose to collaborate with dayDREAM was absolutely spontaneous for Parineeta Singh, founder of Art O’er Tea. “All you need is one look at Prasad Naik and Manish Mansinh’s body of work to be floored. From their travel photography to typography everything in their store in Mumbai was a visual treat. Also I found the art prints accessible and that fact that each and every piece can be customised according to size and medium – help art o’er tea personalise beautiful wall spaces,” says Singh.

Prasad Naik
Prasad Naik

The venue is at Chairs & Company a firm that has believed in representing Indian artists and craftsmanship who present an alternate and fresh point of view. “When I heard about dayDREAM from Parineeta, I was quite sure that I wanted to represent them in the store. I was familiar with Prasad’s work having worked with him many years ago. When I saw their work, I was convinced this kind of art worked for our contemporary audience and also an audience who wants to dress up their walls with good work without breaking their banks doing it. You will find re-imagined pop-art, abstracts, street scapes and typography-based art here, which I absolutely fell in love with and I hope those who see it will do so too,” says Deena Rodrigues, Founder & Interior stylist at Chairs & Company. And if you wondering why you should go for the show, Singh says, “well the reasons are many but mainly because this is a one of a kind show that Bangalore will see absolutely stunning travel photography, reimagined portraits, illustrations, architectural prints and abstract art put together by corker photographers Prasad Naik and Manish Mansingh . Also, we will be doing a quick session on how to style your walls.”

  • What: Chairs & Company & Art O’er tea hosts dayDREAM
  • Where: Chairs & Company, 1068, 11th Main Rd, HAL 2nd Stage, Appareddipalya, Indiranagar, Bengaluru | Ph: 9880545483
  • When: 29th Nov 2019 | 5:30 PM onwards

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