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In the lap of nature: Ayatana Coorg

Ayatana Coorg is a retreat that is expansive and set amidst a forest in the verdant Western Ghats in Karnataka. Ayatana Coorg is located in Somwarpet district and is a property that has been designed by its Vishal Vincent – MD & Founder of Ayatana Resort, Coorg. The 50 key property has 36 standard cottages,… Read More In the lap of nature: Ayatana Coorg

The New Indian Express

Walk the Talk Malleshwaram Hogona!

Malleshwaram Hogona! Is a street art project aimed to reclaim walking spaces to ultimately make them safer for women and the local community. The street art project called Malleshwaram Hogona (that means let’s go to Malleshwaram) is a collaboration that has 12 art works by 13 artists with Geechu Galu and the Bengaluru Moving Campaign.… Read More Walk the Talk Malleshwaram Hogona!

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Carpets and Wood Flooring

Wooden floors and carpets are making floors glamorous and giving them a design statement as well. Natural hardwood floors create a soft and warm feeling texture inside interior spaces. Likewise, woolen carpets available in varying ranges of thickness, sizes, colours and patterns are a great way to jazz up floors. Brands are constantly creating value… Read More Carpets and Wood Flooring

Architect & Interiors India

New Bathroom Launches

Bathrooms are becoming personal spaces that have world class accessories and fittings that are elevating them to the next level. Today the lines are blurring between bathroom design and architectural sensibilities even as designers are focusing on the space that matters a lot. Using new age materials, functions and gadgets, bathrooms are being fine tuned… Read More New Bathroom Launches

Zee Zest

World Rhino Day – one horned rhino conservation

The one horned Rhino that is endemic to the subcontinent is found in encouraging numbers in Assam and its conservation efforts add to its enigma. Kaziranga in Assam, home to the largest number of the one horned rhino was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Interestingly it is the conservation success story that has taken… Read More World Rhino Day – one horned rhino conservation

Aspire Magazine

Unicorn of Tomorrow

Unicorn of Tomorrow is a contest that is looking for the biggest Global Startup from across the world. If you are a startup that aspires for recognition, PR and funding, this is for you. Unicorn of Tomorrow is a platform for aspiring start-up contestants. The concept that originates in Sweden has been endorsed with the… Read More Unicorn of Tomorrow

Honey Colony

Pathogenic Priming Impact on COVID-19

A report that connects pathogenic priming to serious and critical illness and mortality in COVID-19 throws light on a lesser known aspect of the deadly coronavirus. Pathogenic priming or ‘disease enhancement’ is a biological process where in a limited initial exposure of the immune system of an organism to certain proteins of antigens derived from… Read More Pathogenic Priming Impact on COVID-19

Zee Zest

Breezy Bamboo

Bamboo is a great way to elevate home decor and make a compelling statement for interiors. Bamboo brings in a natural earthy vibe to a space, so when working with bamboo in décor, make sure the other elements are complimentary to it to give an over all breezy natural character to the space. Bamboo makes for a versatile… Read More Breezy Bamboo

Passion Passport

Kurukshetra Travel Guide

Kurukshetra is revered all over India for its sanctity and rich cultural heritage and is a must see to revisit moments from the epic Mahabharata. Shrouded in a halo of myths and realities Kurukshetra has since time immemorial come to be known as a place of pilgrimage and center of Vedic civilization. While we all… Read More Kurukshetra Travel Guide

The National News

Mango Whisperer

Syed Ghani Khan’s mango orchard set amidst his paddy farm is a one of its kind organic space that has a whopping 119 varieties of mangoes. Kirugavalu in Malavalli Taluk of Mandya District, Karnataka is home to farmer Syed Ghani Khan’s 16-acre paddy farm that has about 119 varieties of mangoes. Some of the mangoes… Read More Mango Whisperer