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Japanese Cuisine

Though Japanese restaurants are around in country for a very long time but it only got into sizeable number in last couple of years. That is why the food has become more readily available and got a little more affordable. What sets apart Japanese cuisine from other Asian cuisine is its simplicity. Freshness and health… Read More Japanese Cuisine

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A Green Life

Making sustainable choices can be easier than you think it is just about making ethical decisions that will augur well for you and for the planet. If you want to be an advocate for sustainability but are not sure how you can make eco-friendly choices and lead an environmentally conscious lifestyle, here is your definitive… Read More A Green Life


Travel in Comfort

Mokobara is a new age luggage brand that is seeking to make a mark in the premium lifestyle travel space. The word Mokobara comprises two words ‘moko’ and ‘bara’. The Maori tribe in New Zealand bear unique face tattoos which are called moko. It’s an integral part of their identity.  Bara is Swedish for ‘carry’.… Read More Travel in Comfort

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Dr Santanu Paul

Dr Santanu Paul is the Founding CEO and MD of TalentSprint, a global platform for deeptech education and high-end coding bootcamps, with investments from Nexus Venture Partners, the National Skill Development Corporation, and the National Stock Exchange Group. Earlier served as Senior Vice President for Global Delivery Operations and Head of Indian Operations for Virtusa… Read More Dr Santanu Paul

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Deepika Jindal, Creative Head and Managing Director of Jindal Lifestyle Ltd

Exceptionally innovative and forward-thinking, Deepika Jindal is the Creative Head and Managing Director of Jindal Lifestyle Ltd. A pioneering personality, Jindal has successfully redefined the position of stainless steel for 21st-century modern India. Having sparked a design revolution in the country, she formally began her design career with the introduction of Arttd’inox, a Jindal Lifestyle… Read More Deepika Jindal, Creative Head and Managing Director of Jindal Lifestyle Ltd

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Shreya Sharma, Founder, Rest The Case

Rest the case is an online legal aggregator platform that in true sense is a one stop solution for all legal services and information. hreya Sharma who is an ambitious young entrepreneur and tedx speaker, who studied International relations at the prestigious Harvard university, Cambridge, Massachusetts and recently graduated from the Cardiff University, Wales with LLB hons. When she… Read More Shreya Sharma, Founder, Rest The Case