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Automating Your Home

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Home automation is ensuring homes are leveraging the power of technology to give owners better control of their space.

The automation industry has expanded over the years, and modern homes of today are adopting these technologies to their fullest. Ranging from lighting systems, entertainment and security systems to smart doorbells and HVAC systems, homeowners and the commercial industry have been implementing it all.

Smart home gadgets can help homeowners simplify their everyday lives and replicate basic human tasks. Controlling the use of these resources (light, air-conditioning, electricity) through automation allows them to function at the right desirable time.

Immensa by Crompton Greaves
Immensa by Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd.

The Home Designing space is constantly innovating and is in a state of flux and homeowners are inclined towards indulgence, exclusivity, and elegant expressions. With this shift, there has been an evolvement of technology in the high-end luxury home designing sector which has brought a new era of smart home automation.

The quest for cutting-edge technology that can help save energy resources has become a serious factor in defining sustainability agendas. Syska has introduced Smart Wi-Fi Plug, which works with voice assistants and can be operated remotely using the Syska Smart Home App.

There is an urgent need to adopt technology that conserves energy and natural resources, thereby minimizing their adverse effects on the environment.

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