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Ayesha Puri designed store

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Ayesha Puri Kanoria, Sanjay Puri Architects has designed this store for Arjun Kilachand, a menswear studio based in Mumbai.

The whole idea for the theme was for the space to be a representation of the brand that it would house. Every idea was developed as a response to some of the core values of the brand.

As one enters the store, the first thing that you see is the corroded metal reception table. If you turn left you can walk through the meandering fluid racks that showcase the clothes. The racks turn up and down, wrap around custom solid wood mirrors, and create a sense of flow that allows each visitor to walk along and experience each inch of. The racks continue in towards the right side followed by a fitting room.

Flooring is made of flex stone and the team has worked on ensuring that the brand’s colours continue through the store in the accessories and furniture used.

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